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Pipe Sauce E-Juice – Hand Crafted in the USA


Dispel any preconceptions that you hold about Pipe Sauce E-Liquid. This juice is not a mere mimicry of traditional pipe tobacco flavors, they are produced to be flavored in the way that the blenders wished a pipe tobacco would taste. Neither is this e-liquid ‘sauce’ like, the name implies a heavy viscosity but this e-juice flows easily, so it happily wicks through to the atomizer coil even in everyday cartomizers and naturally vapes equally as well in re-buildable and dripping atomizers.

Pipe Sauce E-Liquid Hype?

Having established that this e-liquid’s name ‘Pipe Sauce’ is a complete misnomer you may be forgiven for thinking that this is yet another so-so juice with a ‘cool’ name but no substance. Maybe because most e-liquid is purchased online, without any opportunity to try-before-you-buy, there is always a great emphasis on every brand and flavor name – sadly often promising more that can be delivered. Frankly I am becoming a rather jaded and cynical vaper, however ‘special’ an e-liquid sounds I have learned to contain my excited anticipation of any new e-liquid until I actually try vaping it.

Why Even Try Pipe Sauce E-liquid?

In addition to my skepticism about some cheap e juice ’s cool names, the other barrier that Pipe Sauce e-liquid had to surmount with me was my general dislike of tobacco e-liquid flavors overall…. and I have never smoked a pipe either!  On first appearances, one might legitimately wonder why ever I would have tried vaping Pipe Sauce e-liquid.

95% Vegetable

Pipe Sauce e-liquid is made with a 95%+ Vegetable Glycerine (VG) base. Whenever I mix my own e-liquid I tend to use at least 65% VG which is a higher percentage than is commonly used. Most of the e-liquid that you will purchase typically has a greater amount of Propylene Glycol (PG) than VG, this is because PG is particularly good at carrying ‘flavour’ and imparting a light viscosity. Conversely, VG is great at producing voluminous vapor but can mute flavor and be a bit thick.

Basically making a good e-liquid with a high VG base is more difficult – but it is a better e-liquid if you can do it. That was reason number one for me wishing to try Pipe Sauce e-liquid, I wanted to see if the manufacturer could achieve the near impossible – an e-liquid with a high vapor VG base, good flavor, and a usable viscosity.

Distributor Reputation

Pipe Sauce e-liquid is imported from the USA and bottled in the UK for European distribution at both retail and wholesale.he fact that Pipe Sauce e-liquid was considered to be good enough to be one of this select number was the second reason for me to want to try it for myself.


Pipe Sauce e-liquid is really excellent. Almost unbelievably, the mixers of Pipe Sauce have produced an e-liquid that not only has the fantastic vapor production that one might anticipate from such a high VG base but they have also managed to combine that with a uniquely pleasurable flavor and a free flowing viscosity.

As a proud DIY mixer of e-liquid, I am ashamed to admit that I have absolutely no idea how the makers of Pipe Sauce e-liquid have managed to achieve such a remarkable abundance of vapor and flavor. A couple of Pipe Sauce’s flavor names and descriptions contain Tolkienesque references so I’m starting to suspect that a little wizardry magic has been employed – I honestly have no better explanation to offer.

Flavour Favourites
I don’t even like tobacco flavor! Maybe I will have to amend that assertion in light of my love for Pipe Sauce best cheap vape juice. Each of their tobacco flavors is round, sweet, balanced and multi-layered. If I had only tried one Pipe Sauce e-liquid tobacco flavor I would probably have assumed that I had fortuitously and randomly chosen the best in their range – the truth is that any one of their tobacco flavors is excellent.

Having spent a while enjoying Pipe Sauce e-liquid I have developed a personal preference for Shire Malt with Long Bottom Leaf and Kentucky Blue Grass flavors coming to a very close joint-second.

Inexpensive too?

Pipe Sauce is available from several e-cigarette online vendors, additionally, several bricks and mortar e-cig shops stocks it too. Ask if you can try test vaping some Pipe Sauce e-liquid the next time that you call into an e-cig shop – if they don’t stock it, then it is my advice to shop somewhere that does – Pipe Sauce e-liquid really is that good! Unfortunately wherever you buy Pipe Sauce from it is not likely to be the e-juice on the shelf, its quality is reflected in the price.