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Mister-E-Liquid “Gran-E’s Banana Nut Bread” Premium E-Liquid Review


While I am often impressed with the similarity in which an e-juice can replicate a particular drink or tasty treat, I am absolutely in awe of Mister-E’s Banana Nut Bread. This is not a juice recipe cobbled together by mixing some standard flavors in a beaker and hoping for the best.

Size: Required
10 ml 30 ml 65 ml
Nicotine Strength: Required
0mg 1.5mg 3mg 6mg 9mg 12mg 18mg 24mg
VG %: Required
0% VG 33% VG 50% VG 70% VG

This juice is masterfully crafted with a particular result in mind that the blenders at Mister-E pull off flawlessly. The banana flavor is completely different than any I’ve had earlier. It quite literally tastes like it’s been baked in a hot oven bringing out the flavors of caramelized bananas rather than the traditional natural or candy/taffy banana flavors.

It blends beautifully with the flavor of roasted walnuts and a remarkable bready flavor that doesn’t come off overly sweet or remotely artificial and helps to bring out both sweet and savory flavors that play off each other wonderfully, helping to create a balanced, well-rounded flavor profile.

Unlike many other blended flavor juice on the market that can easily be broken down into their components, the ingredients in Mister-E’s Banana Nut Bread mix into a single distinct creation that perfectly mimics a freshly cooked loaf of warm banana nut bread straight from the oven. To top off the unbelievable flavor on this juice, there is a real solid throat hit and big fluffy clouds of sweet banana nut vapor.

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