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KIND JUICE : The First and Best Organic Vape Juice Vendor Review


The one thing that vapers love to read online about more than anything else in the vaping world is Mod and E-liquid reviews of new and adventurous e-juices. No one has time to try them all and surely not the cash to spend on the infinite number of variations out there, so people often choose their vapes vicariously through the different reviews that they read.

Reviews are crucial to getting the word out about great juices, which is why our blog is dedicating a portion to the sampling and analysis of as many juices as we can get our hands on.

You can be assured that our samples only come from companies that have proven themselves as honest, responsible industry players. We won’t be trying or promoting any “garage-style” eLiquids because it’s simply not sanitary or safe.

We’re all about finding the undiscovered company and will never rule out a vendor based on size: we’re just trying to protect the integrity of the vaping lifestyle.

The Rating Scale – Here’s how it works.

We’ll be judging our eLiquid samples on five different characteristics: flavor, smell, vapor production, throat hit and the look of the liquid itself.

Today we are going to review of the best vape juice producer kindvape.com

Kind Juice Organic Vape Juice Review

These guys are leaps and bounds above the majority of vape juice makers today thanks to their incredible dedication to producing the freshest and cleanest e-juice we have every tried!

A new vaping e-juice revolution is being formed down in Florida, thanks to organic vape juice producer Kind Juice.The brand is now for vape juice is – If there is anything about e-juice and then there is something about Kind Juice.
These guys have raised the bar when it comes to purity and craftsmanship. Kind Juice is first organic vape juice producers. Kind Juice is one of the best vape juice vendors and producers to offer “100% PG Free” juice blends.

Size and Prizing

Compared with other vape juices the pricing of Kind Juice e-nectar is slightly higher than other juices
But, the Kind juice is all about quality – it’s all about branding, and it’s all about organic. Keep it in mind, and when you compare you will see the cost of production of the 100 per cent vape juices, the pricing of all these e-liquids flavors is justified.

Each of the e-liquid flavors comes with super glossy organic touch labels. Users can get everything about their vape juice from the level such as name, ingredients, sell-by date and nicotine strength.

Similarities and Competitors

The flavor profile of vape juices of Kind juice is entirely different kind of profile that will not match with other producers or the other artificial concentrate vendors.

Despite the fact that there are only organic products used in any of their products, they are all unique and organic in nature.

When it comes to e-liquid flavors -especially natural flavors – kind juice is the one, and the only vendor dominates the organic e-juice world for vapes.

Top 3 Kind Juice Vape Juices:

  • The Lazy Iguana

  • Price – $13.99–$24.99 Buy this vape juice Now
    Mix – Juicy Kiwi, Tropical Guava, and Fresh Strawberries
    Size -15ml, 30 ml
    Nicotine Level – 0 mg to 18 mg

It’s Not a Flavor  ————  It’s a Flavor Art

.Vaping this smoke juice is delightful. Upon inhalation, there’s a hint of sweetness, but it’s light and not overwhelming unlike some other tropical e-liquid flavors out there. Complex aroma, to be used every day, really intense. The sweetness mainly comes from the coconut extract. There are many layers which make up this JUICE recipe, but right down at the base of it there’s the complex mix of tangy kiwi, vine ripe strawberries, and pink guava which gives this flavor a lot of bodies. It doesn’t have that chemical, artificial and cheap taste like other liquids.

The thing that differentiates this e-juice from the drink is the addition of tangy kiwi and guava, and I think it was the perfect addition to an already popular flavor. The ripe vine strawberries are strong and refreshing but truly “enjoying,” I guess that’s the best way I can describe it.

It’s truly natural – it’s something Organix.

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Sweet Carolina

Price – $25.99 Buy It  Now

  • 30 ml
  • Canadian Flue-Cured Tobacco
  • Orange Blossom Honey Comb
  • N.E.T. – Naturally Extracted Tobacco

AGED 4+ Months

If you’re a tobacco flavor fanatic, then this Blonde Canadian flue-cured tobacco leaf one is for you. The taste to this one is more reminiscent of Tobacco Ridge flavors that finished with delicate leaf touch of honey rather than pipe tobacco. It’s mild and has a moderate throat hit, and the feeling you get when the vapor hits your lungs is smooth.
Now, there are tons of different e-liquid manufacturers out there that produce tobacco flavors but the thing I like about the Kind juice version is that it’s not only a premium flavor, but it’s so darn cheap!

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Kind Juice Organic Sweet Carolina


Price:$26.99–$39.99  But It Now
Size Available – 30ml, 50ml
Nicotine Level – 0 mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg

An attractively bright gelato beaming with essences of Honey Dew and Crenshaw melons, topped with a refreshing cucumber syrup.

Pros :

Exotic and tasty
Test results and ingridients list provided
Beautiful naturally feel packaging
Wildcrafted organic extracts
True Organic ingredients
100% PG free
Fantastic  customer service



Final words about Kind Juice:

Creating unique vape juice >< Crafting the best vape juice