Manufacturer: Black Note  

Flavor: Cadenza

Flavor Concentrates: A highly aromatic and spicy tobacco blend

• Primary flavors: basma tobacco, mildly spicy and highly aromatic
• PG 50% and VG 50%
• 30ml glass bottle with pipette dripper
• Naturally cultivated and extracted
• Child proof cap
• Lab tested Diacetyl & AP free
• Made in the USA


Full disclosure here, I’m not a fan of tobacco e-Liquids. But, that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to trying some when I get the chance.

I’ll admit, I enjoyed smoking. I enjoyed the taste of the taste of the tobacco, the smooth earthy notes, the woodiness… I liked it. I’ll still have a cigar now and then for special occasions. But every Tobacco e-Liquid I tried fell far short of expectations. They smelled and tasted chemical and gunked up my wick. In a nutshell, they were gross.

So when Black Note sent us a sample pack to try their tobacco flavors, I was initially hesitant. But when I did a little reading on their website, I was pretty blown away. All of Black Note’s flavors has manufactured from pure tobacco leaves without any added flavorings or chemicals, just tobacco leaves, nothing else. OK cool, they’re not the only people that do that though. But then I saw that they grow the tobacco from seed to plant, and the even cure the tobacco themselves and I thought wow. These guys are serious! They even list the stages for making their juice which you can check out here.

This Black Note Cadenza tobacco e-liquid tastes of Virginia Rolling Tobacco. For those switching from rolling tobacco to e-cigarettes, this is the best e juice choice. It is a smooth vape with plenty of vapor production.This is made with pharma grade ingredients, PG, a dash of AG, nicotine according to the strength required and flavor concentrate.


  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (2.4%)
  • Pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol
  • A dash of pharmaceutical grade aqueous glycerine
  • Golden Leaves Tobacco Flavorings (water soluble)
  • Squeezy, childproof, dropper bottle

So enough about all that, how’s the juice?

First off, I was quite impressed by the packaging. The full-size bottles come in a lovely beauty box reminiscent of Five Pawns. Next, I rummaged through the sample pack to find a liquid that sounded good to my non-tobacco flavor best vape juice palate. When I saw Cadenza that claimed to be one of the most flavorful tobaccos with the reputation of the ‘King of Tobaccos’, I knew I found my target.


I’ll admit, my nose is not comfortable for tobacco flavors. But when I smell the juice, I’m immediately reminded of a dark cigar—a bold, dark cigar with bright, spicy notes that cut through like a buzz saw. Almost like cloves, the spice not the cigarettes. By far the truest tobacco flavor I’ve ever smelled from an e-Liquid. No chemical smell whatsoever. Literally like taking a cigar out of a humidor and smelling it.


Very mellow throat hit, much more so than I would expect from a 50/50 blend (I prefer 70VG/30PG usually). The rich tobacco immediately hits me. It’s mellow but rich and appetizing. I can best describe it as slightly earthy with some coriander floral notes. A little sweet, almost custardy.


Spicy on the exhale with a lingering sweetness. Quite pleasant. Like I keep saying, my palate isn’t quite as good for tobacco flavors, so it’s harder for me to pick out individual notes. But I’m reminded of banana (I could be WAY off here, but that’s what I taste!) and fig. I’m impressed!

Vapor Texture

The vapor is a little thicker than I would expect from a 50/50 blend but not much. There’s some denseness, but it dissipates fairly quickly.


  • If you’re looking for an e-Liquid that’s as close to a real cigar as possible, look no further. On a hotter build, it would probably even feel like smoking a cigar. Black Note is one tasty juice; that’s coming from someone who never vapes tobacco flavors. I’d like to try giving it to someone I know, who doesn’t like tobacco flavors, without telling them what it is and see what they say.
  • Five different nicotine levels: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24 mg/ml.
  • The E-Juice is a high quality, made using pure pharma ingredients. It is to be used as an e-cigarette refill, to refill the cartridge in an electronic cigarette. The main ingredient is pure USA sourced propylene glycol, this gives a good throat hit and a smooth vape that carries the flavor well


  • Fixed 50/50 PG/VG ratio
  • It’s expensive. For a 30mL bottle, you have to pay by $29 at Happy Vaper. BUT these guys are confident in their product, and I can see why. They offer 60-Day money back guarantee with free shipping. And if you don’t like it, they pay the shipping back to them PLUS a 1-3 day delivery time guarantee or the order is free (here’s to hoping that USPS screws up their delivery as they are prone to do. Just kidding…)

Check them out here!