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Best Summer E-Liquid Ice Cream Flavors Of 2017


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Remember ice cream carts? The rich flavor, icy cold temperature, and excellent textures that cool you down. Ice cream flavor e-liquid is the perfect vape after a hot day.

Ice Cream Flavored E-Liquids

There is an almost unlimited number of flavors you can add to your e-liquid, and many of the complex flavors in e-liquids are currently available in the market from the big e-cig players though not all of them are tasty and enjoyable. The United States is the ice cream capital of the world, each citizen eating approximately 23 quarts per year. Believe it or not, the most favorite flavor is Vanilla with chocolate coming in second and Butter Pecan third.

Buttercream pecan recipe flavor from Wonder Flavours is a flavor that has a hard time standing out in a crowd. This e-Liquid flavor may not sound that appealing to some, but WF’s is known for making the classics much better than their competition. Try vaping this smooth and decadent Buttercream Pecan from Wonder Flavours recipe this summer.

Buttercream pecan

Buttercream Pecan is not the regular butter pecan that is available on the market because it has a connection to some extradentary and original flavor that comes from vanilla beans, which tastes more like anise. Buttercream Pecan has a small fan base because of its distinct flavor and is usually liked by those who like root vanilla beans. Today, Buttercream Pecan is distinguished more by its texture rather than flavor.

The Buttercream pecan flavor is very unusual and takes a lot of time to make, but if you like ice cream or unique flavors, it will be well worth it. The flavor has a delicate lavender vanilla aroma that one will either love or hate. New vapers don’t like this flavor, but if you have vaped for a  long time or are an experimental vaper with a discriminating palate, then you will find the flavors delicacy to be very satisfying.


Can you remember the classic flavor: caramelized butter, vanilla, and roasted pecans, mixed flawlessly into a delicious ice cream treat? The ingredients in this fabulous recipe are the perfect combinations of different flavors. Brace yourself because these elements will create a fantastic aroma which will permeate through your house as the e-liquid happily vapes! This flavor is a delicate crumb and a meltingly smooth texture.

Butter Pecan Pie

Butter Pecan Pie is a classic dessert with a delicious buttery treat. They are usually made with a pecan pie-like recipe, with chess, or egg and sugar, filling on a cookie crust. It uses crushed cinnamon flavored graham crackers for a much easier crust that blends well with the cake-like filling. Pecans are used in Tex-Mex desserts because pecan trees are commonly found in the Southern United States and Mexico. The cuisine developed around inexpensive and free foods.

Butterscotch Cream Pie

New Englanders call this tasty confection. A habit-forming dessert lavished with butterscotch, exquisite creamy, and sweet, flaky notes. Extra creamy brown sugar fudge recipe that tastes like it came straight from the most expensive candy shop at the mall. Butterscotch Cream Pie is ultra rich, extra creamy and sinfully sweet.

Caramel Rice Crispy Treats

Caramels were invented in America, and they continue to be an American treat. Creamy caramel isn’t an old invention. It is hard to say when it was but it was definitely in America and before 1650 when the candies were being made commercially as well as homemade. You need butter and milk or cream to make caramel, so it was relatively straightforward to invent just by cooking. Of course, real caramels have a little more to them. But this caramel rice crispy treat is nostalgic from your childhood.

Hazelnuts & Cream

A velvety cream with heaps of roasted hazelnuts.

From toasted hazelnuts to hazelnut cream, from hazelnut truffles to hazelnut spread, hazelnuts offer us their nutty goodness. Hazelnuts, however, bring even more to the table. Hazelnuts contain the highest concentration of folate, which reduces risk factors for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, neural tube defects, and depression.

Tahitian Vanilla Cream

Vanilla beans are the fruit of the orchid Vanilla planifolia, a plant native to tropical regions of the Americas. Vanilla has been used since the time of the Aztecs, who cultivated the “black flower” to flavor their cocoa-based drink, chocolate. The process of growing, harvesting, and curing vanilla beans is quite labor-intensive and time-consuming, making vanilla among the highest-priced spices in the world.

You’ll commonly find three types of beans -Tahitian Vanilla is the thickest and darkest seeds of the three categories vanilla beans. Others are Bourbon-Madagascar & Mexican. Though their fragrance is intense, their flavor is more subtle than that of Mexican or Bourbon beans.

Flavor Review: Buttercream Pecan

Buttercream pecan recipe E-Liquid Concentrated Flavors are quality food grade flavor, made to the highest standards in the Uk and USA. This is a high-quality FDA approved e-liquid flavor and contains only pure flavorings and propylene glycol. It is water soluble, so it should not clog up the atomizer on your e-cigarette. This product is purely flavoring, to be added to other ingredients when making your DIY e-liquid.

This Buttercream pecan flavor is a sweet cakey flavor. It does taste just like a Buttercream pecan. It has a hint of frosting and pecan pie, that was difficult to describe, but delicious to eat. Even the most straightforward of flavors can become complicated when made using the French pot process, also called brown sugar fudge or “Panocha” in Spanish. The buttercream pecan base begins very smooth as it inhales, but as it starts to exhale; the sweetness of the cream and a buttery richness envelops every taste bud.

This has an accurate flavor profile with the combination of a complimentary flavor to the buttery base. All the delicious, buttery goodness that’s throughout every part of this taste. Light, fluffy, and chockablock with chewy nuts, this freezer mainstay may also be the best bang for your buck. When making DIY e-liquid for an e-cigarette, you usually need to add between 5-10% flavoring. That is for every 10ml of e-liquid, you would add between 0.5-1ml e-liquid flavor. This very much depends on taste however and so it is best to experiment for yourself, starting off adding a little and then adding more until you achieve the strength of flavor that you prefer.

Wonder Flavor flavorings for e-cigarettes are quite high, so you may find you do not need to use very much. You might find that even less than 5% is adequate, it is up to you to find what suits your taste. Whatever quantity of e-liquid you are making, you can quickly calculate the amount of flavor you need to add using our e-liquid mixing calculator


Buttercream pecan E Liquid Flavour (10ml)

Ingredients: natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol

Comes in 10ml dropper bottle with childproof cap

Suggested Steep Time: 10 days

Lots of Ways to Enjoy

Add a drop or two more of Butter Pecan to your next DIY e-liquid recipe to vape with this smooth, sweet flavor all day long, or make it to your liking by adding additional hints of nut or confection flavorings.

Enjoy this beautiful flavor as a perfect afternoon snack accompanied with a large pot of freshly brewed tea. You can also vape it up for a special occasion. In that case, mix it with some thick, whipped cream or clotted cream and a dollop of your favorite jam. Other delicious flavor ideas include warm vanilla custard and sliced berries, a good sprinkling of powdered sugar or a scoop of vanilla ice cream flavor with a drizzle of maple syrup flavor. Of course, the flavor also makes a perfect gift.

A little about Wonder Flavours, Inc.

It began with three principles in mind; do something they love, let creativity soar, and become the best. They brought it all together with one idea: To bring flavor to life. Wonder Flavours was born. Wonder Flavours delivers a variety of complex flavor concentrates for professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Flavors are ranging from Cinnamon Pastry and Butter Pecan Pie to Sour Blue Raspberry Candy. They’re passionate about creating savory, food grade flavors.

When it comes to flavoring anything –they are- THE BEST – BETTER THAN ALL THE REST!!!!