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Halo Kringle’s Curse Review


While there are a good number of vapers who swear by Halo’s product line, there are also quite a few out there who view them as the e-liquid equivalent of a store like Target, selling mass produced juice in enormous quantities without always ensuring that every recipe is of the utmost quality.

While this is only the second juice that I’ve tasted from their line and the first to get a full work-up, this review should make it abundantly clear that quality and quantity are not necessarily intrinsically intertwined. With a large collection of flavors to choose from, I opted to begin my series of Halo reviews with Kringle’s Curse for the simple reason than that the holidays are rapidly approaching and I wanted to include it in my Christmas update.

The juice is a straightforward sweet peppermint flavor that does a magnificent job of mimicking the flavor of candy canes or Brach’s Starlight mints, without so much as a hint of off flavors or out of place overtones. The front side of the vape is minty, with a sweetness that slowly blossoms until the exhale where it reaches its peak, balancing out the mint, and creating the unmistakable flavor of sweet candy cane. The finish, while still flush with sweet peppermint, also has a good dose of a bracing, chilly ice sensation that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and tingly.

Due to the straightforward and pitch perfect profile, there’s tiny left to say about this juice other than that it’s crisp, clean, and incredibly refreshing despite the sweetness of the overall profile, making it a great all day vape for those partial to sweet minty vapor. While Halo keeps their PG/VG ratio a closely guarded secret, based on flavor, vapor, and viscosity,

I would guesstimate this one to be somewhere in the vicinity of 75/25 PG/VG. I preferred Kringle’s Curse just under 8.5 watts or 4.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which produced an abundance of flavor, an excellent throat hit, and a sizable cloud of sweet, Christmastime, candy cane vapor.

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