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Mr. Good Vape Dabble Dooyah Review


As anyone who reads these reviews with any regularity can testify, I’m pretty fond of the flavors MGV has been putting out. From the big, juicy fruits like Melon Head and my personal favorite, Karma Cream, to the deeper bakery flavor Moon Sugar, I have never been anything less than impressed by the quality of their product.

They recently sent over two new bottles for me to check out including this one, Dabble Dooyah. After vaping through about 10ml of this juice the only thing I really knew was that I liked it, and somewhere in the mix there was a bakery like essence, some caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint an overall, singular flavor, just a very satisfying, sweet, easy bakery/dessert style vape.

Somewhere during the latter half of my second day with Dabble Dooyah, I reached a point where I was able to discern more than just the general tone of the vape and nail down the elusive glue that holds this vape together, apple pie. Mind you, this is not wholly an apple pie vape, with strong notes of apple and cinnamon, it’s a flavor unto itself that incorporates the pie flavor, but brings it together with an good deal of vanilla, a mellow cinnamon, and a fairly potent candy-like caramel. Of all the juice

I’ve tasted from MGV to date, this one is the most complex, but in a very interesting way. Rather than a finely textured, multi-layered profile, all the flavors blend seamlessly into one another to create a singular, unique flavor. It’s sweet, but quite soft, and bit more delicate than the rest of MGV’s line-up when it comes to wattage. Get this one too hot without the necessary airflow and you’ll know it. Interestingly enough, I actually preferred the flavor I got from this juice on my standard ProVari/510 dripping rig. I kept it to a cool 8.8w or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This wattage led me to the optimal flavor profile, while still producing an ample cloud of vapor, and a good throat hit.

In a Nimbus atop my Duke mod (VV 50w/10a capable), I still found myself keeping this one quite cool, just under 20w in order to prevent scorching the juice which led to a slightly off undertone. As tasty as this juice under the right conditions, too much heat turns things around quite a bit. If you plan to use a clearo, carto, or standard dripping atomizer, this should’t be a concern at all.

If you’re a sub-Ω or high wattage vaper, I would recommend starting off with a coil in the vicinity of .7Ω or higher before dropping it down below that and seeing just how far your particular rig can run this juice, the payoff of keeping in the sweet spot is well worth it.