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Mt. Baker Vapor Butterscotch


Mt. Baker has been something of a mixed bag for me thus far. The first two MBV juices that I reviewed did well enough, but their third, Udderly Nuts, a more complex blend than the first two, was a bit off the mark.

Their next bottle up for review, their take on butterscotch, was one I had heard good things about, and since it’s a fairly basic, single flavor juice, I was anticipating a strong showing. When the lid comes off the bottle, there’s no doubt that this juice is packed full of butterscotch, not the original confection of cooked sugar, cream, and butter, but the flavor of the golden wrapped, yellow colored butterscotch candies that my grandmother, and perhaps yours, carried in her purse at all times.

The juice itself is packed with the same butterscotch flavoring as those little hard candies, and on it’s own, it’s quite good, a bit one dimensional, but good nonetheless. There is an additional component in the profile, that seems to be a byproduct of the base itself or the nicotine used. It’s an off, mildly bitter note, and unfortunately, the butterscotch is simply not powerful enough to drown it out completely.

Once you get this juice to it’s sweet spot, a bit over 9 watts, or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, the off flavor is reduced to a bare minimum, but it’s never eliminated in it’s entirety. When the juice is below the sweet spot, the butterscotch doesn’t have much potency and the off flavor tends to dominate the profile.

If it’s taken much beyond 9-9.5 watts, the butterscotch begins to suffer a bit of heat induced flavor degradation and the off flavor becomes equally, if not more pronounced, in the profile.

In that 9 watt range, the butterscotch is most pronounced, the off flavor is least noticeable, and the juice produces a decent throat hit and vapor cloud, but it’s simply not enough for me to want more of this particular blend.

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