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Full Line Flavor Review: Cyclops Vapor


Flavors can be quite simple blends of just a few raw materials, but often are extremely complex blends of essential oils, flavor chemical compounds, natural extracts, distillates, and absolutes. The use of supercritical CO2 extracts and natural flavor complexes obtained by bioconversion and controlled fermentation are other raw materials often used to create your flavors.

Flavoring at Cyclops Vapor

When you purchase a vape juice, you expect not only a great taste, but a good performance in the food base. A flavor must be simple to use, simple to dose, and of course, it must withstand all of the application parameters involved in the production.
The flavor should also maintain its profile during the shelf life of the product with minimum changes, and also be competitive in price. Demands regarding flavors are extremely difficult to achieve. Flavor creation is and always will be a delicate and complex task.

Cyclops Vapor sells vape liquid flavors for an endless vape and tries to formulate them in the most efficient way. They sell concentrated products that perform well in a range from 0.1 up to 0.5%. However, different or unusual applications, heavy processing, and food composition might require more flavor. The Natural flavoring comes from 100% natural extract without added coloring, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. Your e-Liquid recipes will come alive with tastes and tones of pure, fresh flavor.

Cyclops Vapor e-liquid flavors: An overview of complete product line:


On the exhale It tastes exactly like an actual apple, not the fake artificially flavored candy apple that is in most e-liquids. If you like that real crisp apple taste, then this is the e-juice for you.

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The overall components are sweet fruits with a slight tartness and a creaminess that is downright extraordinary. The creamy flavor and mouthfeel of the vape is the most dominant aspect of the juice, and it’s remarkable how closely it resembles eating a big spoonful of freshly whipped cream.

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A multi-tonal, dynamic, intensely complex flavor profile, but instead, it’s not all that complicated… it’s indeed tasty, and different from any custard I’ve previously tasted. It’s apparently laden with vanilla flavors that are not necessarily custard-based.

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It’s only fitting that it represent one of the most favored and enjoyed breakfast pastries; a sweet, creamy danish layered with the flavor of fresh blueberry

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With the roasted bean, coffee and mocha all being deeper tones, there are very few top notes in play, aside from some of the spice, so the vape is mostly focused on bottom notes and roasted to bring out each bean’s unique flavor separately.

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The only amazing peanut butter flavor that springs to mind offhand is Minotaur by Cyclops Vapors. Based on the marked improvements I’ve seen lately, The Cyclops Vapors Minotaur – Peanut Butter Cookie is a juice I had very high hopes for.

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The inhale has a crisp, sweet, delicious, minty flavor to it, which mingles nicely with the melon medley I had been expecting on the exhale. The two sides of the profile come together flawlessly with the soft, sweet and crispy, delicious fruit, mingling effortlessly with the fresh, natural mint flavor to create a soft, delicate profile that is crisp, and refreshing.

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The Phoenix, Fresh Strawberry is clearly the most robust flavor in the profile with a sweet and fresh crispy quality that presents immediately with a rich, ripe, intense flavor while still possessing a smooth, subtle creaminess thanks to the smoothie portion of the profile.

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