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Northland Vapors Pink Lemonade E-Liquid Review


Summer time is just around the corner. As a vaper, I have found my e-liquid glory to be Northland Vapors Pink Lemonade e-liquid. It is so perfect for that tropical taste I’ve always wanted. It reminds me of sunshine and gives me that summer high for every puff I take. Now, here’s my take on this particular e-liquid from Northland Vapor Company. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

Flavor Review:  Pink lemonade (9/10)

This flavor is my favorite for summer.Needless to say, this is indeed very refreshing. It tastes exactly like the thirst quencher we loved to drink as kids. This time, with a bit of sugar since it has a melon note along with it. The melon taste helps mellow the citrus kick a bit which I find nice. The flavor is fully present, no background notes, just straight up pink lemonade for every inhale and exhale. It has a unique flavor that tastes so much like freshly squeezed lemonade and a hint of melon. The pair of sweetness and the citrus kick is an added advantage for fruity lovers like me since it downplays the sour hit of the lemonade. That’s why I find the blend very soothing. I’ll probably always keep this one in my rotation, and I will bring this especially at the beach.

Aroma Review: Pink lemonade (8/10)

While I’ve always been blabbing on how this premium e-juice associates me with the season of summer, this flavor doesn’t mean that you only need to use this during summertime. I would highly recommend hitting on this daily. It’s just that the scent always helps me find my sweet spot, my joy, and happiness during the warm/dry season. One time, I was at the beach vaping this product, and people could really tell what I’m having; they would always ask if it’s a lemonade flavor. They can tell by the scent of it which made me realize that it could be a perfect pick up line. Of course, a ripple effect prompting them to ask for the brand and oh boy! was I proud to say that it was from a new company called Northland Vapor. I’m such a marketing genius!

Vapor Review: Pink lemonade (9.5/10)

Honestly, though, I’ve been vaping it for two months straight now, and I still go back for more. Although this one has 86 VG and a lesser PG, it can still give me the right kick and rightful taste that I need. Of course, who doesn’t enjoy the bold cloud it produces? #bethecloud In fact, it is an excellent juice to mix with my Japanese cotton and my kanthal wires. Whenever I vape this lemonade/melon blend, it can literally give a mouth watering effect. It is very light, fresh, and easy on the coils. I could vape this stuff all day!

I would highly suggest to include this flavor called Pink Lemonade if you are interested in purchasing the Northland Flight Experience. Separately, you can buy this off at their website for $6.99 USD and $14.99 USD, respectively. It is available in two bottles: one mini at 30ml and the other at 120ml. Please also note that the company’s website is fairly easy to use and they have pretty fast shipping. You can order today and get your package in 2-3 days max. Plus, they have excellent service who can entertain your queries right away. Personally, this e-liquid is excellent for those who want to spend some relaxation time after a very tiresome work. Also, another tip is to try steeping it. I tried steeping it for a day and got a better taste after so it might work best with that. With the right instrument and low wattage for this flavor, I guarantee it will be a fast forward to summer days or at least give you the feeling of having the best summer ever! In addition to this, you can also get a 20% discount code by watching TIA’s video on their web page.