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Cloud Alchemist Review


Cloud Alchemist is a Washington e-Juice boutique that serves a sophisticated and specialized clientele.

Cloud Alchemist is always thrilled to offer premium e-juice for e-cigarettes with one of a kind flavors. This is what sets Cloud Alchemist apart from all the other e-juices.

Ingredients & Recipe

Cloud Alchemist juice is made of a proprietary blend of the purest ingredients and uses kosher glycerin derived from palm trees.

The recipes for Cloud Alchemist’s premium ejuice formula are created by experts in the field of flavor and taste. With a combination of different ingredients, they have begun a new flavor chapter in the e-liquids industry. Their products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

Flavoring Process

By working in bulk, Cloud Alchemist can bring you an affordable juice that you can feel great about using. Most of Cloud Alchemist’s customers will agree that you do not need nicotine with these blends. For those who wish to continue to use nicotine, Cloud Alchemist offers the tobacco juice Arrakis in a 12 mg strength.

Cloud Alchemist e-liquid products that are made in the United States provide a wide variety of spices, seasoning blends, and extracts under numerous brand names including:

Acer Dulcia

Flavor Note  Rich Nutty Sweet

Ingredients  Apple  walnut  maple syrup

On Inhale  Overly sweet maple syrup with mix apple

On Exhale  Perfect tart apple with hints of walnut

Cloud Production  Voluminous

Throat Hit  Subtle  Authentic  Crispy

Throat Hit   Mild


Flavor Note  Spiced  Tobacco  Sweet

Ingredients  Clove, cardamom, tobacco

On Inhale  Tobacco flavor with the mix of menthol or caramel

On Exhale  A touch of sweetness

Cloud Production  Dense clouds of vapor

Throat Hit  A stout throat hit


Flavor Note  Fruity  Creamy

Ingredients  Honey, blueberry, cream

On Inhale  Sweet and bright honey backed up by an equally bright and vibrant blueberry

On Exhale  The exact opposite of inhaling

Cloud Production  Vapor production is rich and full

Throat Hit  Sweet fruit forward flavors produce a fairly tame throat hit


Flavor Note  Fruity  Sweet

Ingredients  Watermelon, coconut, strawberry, apricot

On Inhale  Mix of strawberry and melon

On Exhale  Watermelon almost entirely on the exhale

Cloud Production   Large plumes

Throat Hit   Delivered a deliciously sweet, fruity flavor


Flavor Creamy Sweet  Fruity

Ingredients  Almond, strawberry, whipped cream, beignet, vanilla

On Inhale  A smooth blend of almond butter and almond milk

On Exhale  Thick almond cream

Cloud Production  Ample clouds of sweet, strawberry shortcake infused vapor

Throat Hit  Yields a smooth throat hit

 Glacialis Menta

Flavor  Cool  Sweet  Creamy

Ingredients  Spearmint, peppermint, vanilla

On Inhale  Icy cool mint

On Exhale  Exhale begins the peppermint with the mix of vanilla

Cloud Production  Good vapor production

Throat Hit  Soothing chill of the mint

 Macer Menta

Flavor  Cool  Sweet  Rich

Ingredients  Mint, dark chocolate, peppermint, chocolate-cookie, mint-chocolate

On Inhale  Creamy dark chocolate cookie flavor

On Exhale  Mint & chocolate mix

Cloud Production  Ample clouds of smooth and candied vapor

Throat Hit   Very pleasant and very smooth

 Promised Land

Flavor  Spiced Sweet Creamy

Ingredients  Honey, cinnamon, apple, cream

On Inhale  A honey vape

On Exhale  Earthy spice

Cloud Production  Enormous plumes of thick, rich vapor

Throat Hit:  Very powerful


Flavor  Fruity Sweet Creamy

Ingredients  Dragonfruit, pomegranate, strawberry, banana

On Inhale The berry is nicely complimented by a very light touch of sweetness

On Exhale  A remarkably smooth, natural banana flavor

Cloud Production  Ample clouds with strawberry overtones

Throat Hit  A solid throat hit

Product Specifications

  • Size  10ml 30ml 120ml
  • Nicotine Level  00mg  1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg
  • PG/VG Ratio:  20pg/80vg  50pg/50vg
  • Price:  $6.75 for 10ml  $19.99 for 30 ml

Shipping Info

Shipping Info

The Cloud Alchemist at a Glance


WEBSITE: www.cloudalchemist.com

Establishment Year The business began in January 2014

Products Carried  9 Juices / E-Liquids Sample Packs Sells Wholesale

ADDRESS: 805 Industry Dr.
Tukwila Washington 98188 US
Support Contact
[email protected]