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Mr. Good Vape has been flooring me as of late with big fruity vapes loaded with flavor and impeccably balanced. So it was with great enthusiasm that I picked up the next bottle in line for review, their Karma Cream.

Not entirely sure what flavors to expect I grabbed the bottle, a fresh atty, and headed out the door. With the air conditioner cranked up to high and the temperature of the car approaching tolerable, I prepared to back out of the driveway, but first, I needed to fill my atomizer with the next juice in line from Mr. Good Vapes.

I removed my BDS90 drip tip (courtesy of Captivape) and unscrewed the lid from the bottle of Karma Cream, but before I even got the dropper out, a gust of cool air from the A/C caught the aroma emanating from the bottle and blew it right in my face. I knew instantly what to expect and frantically filled my atomizer to get a taste of Mr. Good Vape’s take on a classic, peaches and cream. The peach flavor used in the blend is ripe and juicy with elements of both a natural, fresh peach flavor as well the sweeter canned, almost candied variety. While the flavor itself is luscious, the amount they manage to squeeze into the bottle is outrageous with each and every vape absolutely saturated with sweet peaches.

The secondary component to the juice, as the name implies, is a creamy element that adds a rich, full mouthfeel and the soft, round flavor of sweet whipped cream on the exhale and finish. The other flavors I’ve reviewed from Mr. Good Vape have been complex, dynamic blends with several flavors carefully layered, one on top of the other in a crystal clear base liquid. With juice like that, I can go on and on, but with something like the Karma Cream, something so clear cut, there’s little to say other than that this juice may be simple, but it’s exceptional in every way. As with most cream flavors, excessive heat can produce some off flavors, so keeping it within the sweet spot is important to maintain the intended profile and balance. Interestingly enough, Karma Cream had no issues on my mech mod/RDA rig (modified IGO-L, twisted 28ga kanthal at .8Ω on an XC-116 wick) performing exceedingly well without producing any of the off notes a creamy component, under high wattage, can produce.

With my kanger mod and a 2.5Ω 510/306 hybrid atty, I preferred it at 5.1v (10.4w) which keeps the flavor and balance in line with what Mr Good Vape intended, while producing dense clouds of sweet vapor with a smooth, mild throat hit.

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