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Innokin MVP4 Scion 100W 4500mAh Vape Kit Review


If you have used any Innokin product, then you know that this company does not compromise on safety. The cutting-edge Innokin MVP 4 Scion Vape Kit does not disappoint in this respect. If you use a voltage of about 100 watts and below to do your vaping, this vape kit is for you.

The MVP series can be described as Innokin’s flagship mod. Something like what the iPhone is to Apple and the Galaxy seriesĀ isĀ to Samsung. Many experienced vapers today have a fondness for Innokin because they started with the company’s early products.

The MVP 4 mod is the latest from Innokin, and it retains all the best features of its predecessors including the nice grip that they have in the hands. This mod comes with an AETHON microchip and supports advanced temperature controls. However, it is very easy to use.

The Innokin MVP 4 Scion Vape Kit is designed with a 4,500 mAh battery in the mod which can produce up to 100 watts with a resistance of as low as 0.1-ohm. It supports 2A fast charging, and, like other Innokin mods, this mod can be used as a power bank to charge your smartphone and other electronic devices via a USB port. However, be warned because overusing the power bank could weaken the battery capacity rapidly. Ideally, the vape’s power bank feature should be reserved for emergency situations.

True to Innokin’s style, the MVP 4 mod comes with charging and overheating protection. The mod also has a bright LED screen on its side which displays information such as ohms, watts, battery life, and other important data. A fire button is located directly above the LED screen. The fire button of this vape kit has one unique function; it has a light indicator to show the strength of the battery. When it is green, the battery is good. When it is yellow, the battery is getting weak. And when it is red, the battery needs to be replaced or charged.

The MVP 4 mod comes in five colors; black, red, blue, cyan, and silver.

This MVP 4 Vape Kit is fitted with Innokin’s Scion tank. The tank, which is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, has a capacity of 3.5mL. Refilling the tank with e-juice is very easy, and so is cleaning it. This compact sub-ohm tank is sure to give you a unique vaping experience. The airflow in the coil can be controlled to determine how much vapor is produced. Interestingly, having the air ducts wide open does not compromise on the flavor of your e-juice.

The MVP 4 Scion Vape Kit contains Innokin’s first high wattage coils. The large Kanthal BVC coils are parallel wrapped with 510 threading and can support 0.28 ohms to 0.5 ohms. Since the MVP 4 mod supports up to 100 watts, you can use the coil set at 0.5-ohm. However, you can also use the tank with a more powerful mod that can output up to 200 watts.

The Innokin MVP 4 Scion Vape Kit prompts you to calibrate the wattage and make other settings once the tank is attached. Unlike other vapes on the market, it takes just 0.2 seconds from when you click the fire button for this kit to produce vapor. The fire is automatically cut-off after 15 seconds. This not only enables you to conserve the battery power of the device, but it is also a safety precaution.

The Innokin MVP 4 Scion Vape Kit comes with anti-dry hit technology. It is also built sturdy to withstand drops. However, you can easily purchase another tank as a replacement.

The Innokin MVP 4 Scion Vape Kit makes use of advanced vaping technologies. The vape represents not only power and good performance but also safety. You can purchase this vape kit at smokstore.us.