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Mister-E-liquid Review


Mister-E-liquid was founded in 2010 on the focus principle of providing the highest quality e-juice to the consumer. Mister-E-liquid started out as an online-retailer with one employee, making e-juice on an order-by-order basis & retailing hardware via the website. This established a small-but-dedicated client base that has continued to grow over the last seven years rapidly.

Mister-E-liquid Gr& Rapids retail store Since then, the company has added eight brick-&-mortar retail stores across Michigan & Illinois. Mister-E-liquid corporate headquarters, in Gr& Rapids, Michigan, receiving & shipping area, houses corporate offices,warehouse, & the shining jewel of the facility, Mister-E-liquid laboratory, where Mister-E-liquid manufacture the e-juice in an industry-leading ISO Certified 14644 Class 6 clean room, with strict policies in place to assure the cleanliness of the company facility, staff, & product.

Mister-E-liquid has flourished from one employee to a constantly-growing staff of more than seventy people, helping customers in retail & h&ling customer service communications, facilitating distribution & managing wholesale accounts, overseeing administrative tasks & doing all the other million large & small tasks required to put a bottle of the premium e-juice in your h&s.

Mister-E-liquid is incredibly appreciative of the customers, whom it viewed as friends, & who have shaped Mister-E-liquid business & industry.

Mister-E-liquid E-juice

Base juices in our clean room Not every vape shop & e-juice manufacturer makes e-juice the way Mister-E-liquid do. Mister-E-liquid pride on using the highest-quality ingredients available, & they’re confident that you’ll taste the difference. Mister-E-liquid believes that the best way to make a quality product is to use the quality ingredients, with the best people, with the best facilities, using the best methods.

With the best people, uses 100% USP Food Grade propylene glycol (PG) & vegetable glycerin (VG). Mister-E-liquid PG & VG base is also 99.9% pure & 100% Kosher. Mister-E-liquid nicotine solution is of very high quality, & is one of the clearest, purest nicotine solutions commercially available. Mister-E-liquid e-juices contain natural & artificial flavorings.

Mister-E-liquid glass bottle e-juice typically comes in a fixed VG percentage, carefully selected for optimum performance with an individual flavor. Mister-E-liquid & Vinyl both come in a variety of VG percentages, including 33%, 50%, & 70%. (Some VG percentages are not compatible with high nicotine levels due to the limitations of volume in the bottle & FDA labeling requirements: an error message will display if an invalid combination is selected.)

None of the Mister-E-liquid e-juices ever include any added artificial coloring. This is why most of the Mister-E-liquid juices are clear: they contain no color enhancement. Mister-E-liquid also does not add throat hit enhancer or any other additives to our e-juice. Mister-E-liquid brings out the different characteristics in each juice they produce by plan, not by adding things that don’t require to be in a premium e-juice. With Mister-E-liquid, it’s no mystery: to print Mister-E-liquid ingredients on every bottle, so the company customers know exactly what people are putting into their bodies. Mister-E-liquid Gr& Rapids retail store.

A quality product is more than just best ingredients, though: it must also be made under controlled conditions, with manners in place to ensure consistently – there’s that word again! – quality.

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Mister-E-liquid Review

Mister-E-liquid was founded in 2010 on the focus principle of providing the highest quality e-juice to the consumer. Mister-E-liquid started out as an online-retailer with one employee, making e-juice on an order-by-order basis & retailing hardware via the website. This established a small-but-dedicated client base that has continued to grow over the last seven years […]


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6ML – $3.75

18ML – $13.70

36ML – $18.75

Free shipping for orders over $50 (except international shipping)


Grey Matter – Dew Des MTV –Dime Piece – Blue Dragon –  Menthol Med

Berry A Peeling –Strawberry Angel – Casino 21 –Pure Michigan – Green Pear Ice – Mister E-Ice – Cherry Lemonade – Jamocha Haze –  Banana Nut Bread – Black Smith – Pink Dragon.

Packaging – Packaging of the e-Juice is simple plastic bottles.The flavors are written in marker on the label, along with the amount VG on one side the nicotine level on the other. While cool packaging is definitely a much-desired feature in our personal e-Liquid purchases, it’s not what counts when it comes to reviewing the flavor of an e-Liquid.

Mister-E-liquid Labs

One look at the entire room in which they produce all Mister-E-liquid e-juice & you’ll immediately underst& what sets the premium e-juice apart. All of Mister-E-liquid e-juice is hand crafted by the dedicated lab staff in an industry-leading Class 6 trim room that is governed by, the ISO 14644 st&ard. Mister-E-liquid goes the extra step of having lab certified by a third party to guarantee that it is compliant with the ISO 14644 St&ard. ISO 14644 st&ards regulate the air purity in a manufacturing environment. These standards, used in aerospace, pharmaceutical, & microelectronic industries, ensure a minimal amount of particulates are present in the air – &, by extension, in your e-juice!

Properly engineering an ISO 14644 clean room requires consideration of filtration unit types, room pressurization, intake & exhaust layouts, & many other factors which can substantially alter the cleanliness of the laboratory. The effort Mister-E-liquid put into just making sure the air in the lab that produces your e-juice is clean tells you something very significant about the commitment to quality.

Mister-E-liquid lab is equipped with filters that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to keep the air as clean as reasonable by trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns, or just over 1/100,000th of an inch

Mister-E-liquid Processes

Mister-E-liquid clean room, an astonishing sight worth seeing firsth&. Air filtration is just one of the several steps Mister-E-liquid has taken to ensure the safety of the products you receive. Mister-E-liquid also utilizes laboratory- & pharmaceutical-grade equipment, non-porous surfaces, & a rigorous cleaning schedule, amongst a variety of other ways to ensure the quality of your e-juice. The process of establishing an ISO Class 6 clean zone doesn’t stop at the certification: it also requires to be maintained. Daily measurement & maintenance of the facility is mandatory to retain ISO 14644 certification.

Ensuring that Mister-E-liquid ship quality, consistent, the safe product makes all that time & effort worthwhile. This method benefits not just you, Mister-E-liquid beloved client, & the company, the staff at Mister-E-liquid, but the industry as well! By going above & beyond current regulation, the company’s established an outstanding facility that is able of future success, even in consideration of the FDA regarding regulations. It has been the Mister-E-liquid goal from the origin to set the benchmark on which future conditions would be set, the st&ard to which the activity as a whole would aspire. Mister-E-liquid like making high-quality e-juice, see.