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The Vapor Chef Review


At The Vapor Chef, they pride themselves on excellence. Not only in product but also service. All of their vegetable glycerine & propylene glycol is USP certified & all nicotine bases are USA made. Flavor selections come from reliable, safe sources, are diacetyl, acetyl propionyl & acetoin free, & are specially formulated for vaping. All e-liquid is mixed fresh when you order & then ship within 72 hours. They never add any color, water or alcohol to their juice & they don’t use WTA extracts.

Disclosure: The vape liquid which we review on this website are tested by our trained, paid staff. As part of the study, ejuiceconnoisseur.com links directly to the product or brands so that you may purchase straight from the producer. We receive commissions from these vendors. However, this does not affect the price you pay, & the commissions we earn help us pay for the costs of running this website.

Meet the Vapor Chef

Brand Opening its virtual doors in January of this year The Vapor Chef offers a unique take on eJuice. The owner, & head flavors (the person who crafted the overall flavor of the eJuice), comes from a fine-dining background. Aras was, or rather ‘is,’ a fine dining chef, a profession that not only knows ‘flavor’ but also knows more about individual palates than any other profession. Aras brings that level of sophistication & talent to the art of making eJuice.

The Individual
Of course, even the greatest chef’s can create a recipe that doesn’t go over well with his patrons. Just because of a person understands ‘flavor,’ understands how a person’s palate interprets individual tastes, it doesn’t automatically mean that every part of the menu is going to appeal to every consumer that walks into the restaurant. That certainly holds true in the liquid business as well.

Four Vapers, all with particular likes & dislikes, & all with their individual preferences, not to mention different palates, spent four days vaping only liquids from The Vapor Chef. Some flavors were better than others, some on the team were crazy about certain juices, & others were not, & vice versa. This is what makes e-juice reviews so interesting. The Vapor Chef evaluation period was one of the most interesting studies we’ve done this year.

As an example of how complex & intricate some of the flavors we reviewed: I remember a discussion awhile back where the defining ingredient, the singular ‘taste experience’ was ‘sweet.’ Everyone, just about, loves sweet flavors, it’s in our DNA, it’s a survival thing passed down from the early days of humankind. If you want the real shot at making an e-liquid available to the mainstream just make it sweet. Sure, not all will like it, but more people will than won’t. So when a vendor is born who takes a different approach, dares to care about flavor instead of sweetness, that provider creates recipes that some will embrace & others will not. It’s a risk, a good risk, & it’s a lot braver than just offering customers the choice between sweet & super cute.

The Vapor Chef Liquid Review

This is our first foray into the liquids of The Vapor Chef, & boy was it ever a fun ‘four-day vape fest through the diversity of flavor.’ Eleven bottles of eJuice, all of them not just different, but a different vape experience as well… Some sweet, some fruity, some dark, some light…A good representation of The Vapor Chef lineup. So let’s get to it.

Vapor Chef e-juice come standard in a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. However, users have the option to choose 70/30 or 30/70 VG/PG ratios. For flavor seekers & cloud chasers, they can also opt to get max VG or max PG options. These mixing possibilities are enough to satisfy any vaper’s tastes.

Nicotine levels, on the other h&, are available at 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, & 24mg. It would have been greater if the company offered levels up to 36mg to cater to huge smokers who are just trying vaping. Still, the range of nicotine levels is far enough to suit most vapers.

The flavor groups represented in Vapor Chef’s selection is well represented. The menu has flavors varying from tobacco to fruity, sweet to complex, & various blends that mix & match several, or all, the groups.

As for vapor production, it varies on what PG/VG ratio users prefer. More PG involves more flavor but less vapor, while more VG has less flavor & more vapor. The vapor quality of Vapor Chef e-juice depends on this choice, but even so, their 50/50 ratio e-juice provides great flavor & decent vapor production to appease most vapers.

The Vapor Chef PB Nomnoms

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The Vapor Chef Deep Thought

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The Vapor Chef Slartibartfast

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The Vapor Chef Review

At The Vapor Chef, they pride themselves on excellence. Not only in product but also service. All of their vegetable glycerine & propylene glycol is USP certified & all nicotine bases are USA made. Flavor selections come from reliable, safe sources, are diacetyl, acetyl propionyl & acetoin free, & are specially formulated for vaping. All […]


The Vapor Chef Coolcumber Melon

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The Vapor Chef Frosty Blue Jazzberry

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The Vapor Chef Honey Pearry

First Impressions This one has a dark orange color in the bottle & smells of melon & berry. When I tasted this, I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t Hobbes’ Blood, because I think it tastes VERY similar. It has a robust melon flavor to it with a dash of berry. I […]


Additional Details

Aside from the excellent flavors & tasteful quality packaging of Vapor Chef e-juice, the company also boasts its stringent quality control & use of high-grade ingredients.

PG & VG are USP-certified while the nicotine-based e-juice is US-made. Furthermore, they guarantee that all their offering are the dactyl, acetoin, & acetyl propionyl free. Flavors are tested by Aras himself, his friends & family, as well as select customers & users to ensure only the best combination of flavors are released. Finally, all outputs are mixed & shipped out within three days to assure freshness. It is clear that Vapor Chef values rank above anything else.

Vapers looking for quality e-juice should try out the offerings from Vapor Chef. It’s not always one can taste gourmet e-juice made with the same feeling as chefs do with their dishes. From its carefully crafted flavors to the finished packaging, right down to its high-quality ingredients, Vapor Chef may be priced a bit higher than your average e-juice, but it’s well worth the extra cost.

Our Verdict: Crafted by a good chef with decent culinary training, Vapor Chef offers e-juice that is refined & tweaked to perfection. While some flavors are hit-&-miss, most are well executed & a refreshing spin on the traditional, cookie-cutter recipes of other e-juice manufacturers.


  • A “menu” comprised of 49 different flavors, from tobaccos to unique concoctions like Unicorn Poop (blueberry cupcakes and raspberry) and Shmuffer Shmutter (peanut butter, banana and toasted marshmallow).
  • Six nicotine levels: 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg/ml.
  • Choice of PG/VG ratios, with 50/50 as standard.
  • USP-certified PG and VG, with US-made nicotine, and no sweeteners, colorings, alcohol or water added.
  • E-liquid made in the US and fresh to order – shipped within 72 hours.
  • Excellent flavors – the chef’s expertise behind the recipes is abundantly clear!
  • Good prices, especially for a “gourmet” e-liquid.


  • Some flavors are a touch too subtle
  • One of the only tobacco options we tried (VC Tobacco #13) was disappointing, but some of the others do sound delicious.