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VaporFi Nuts Over Caramel Apples Vape Juice Review


Vaporfi lists multiple flavors created by their mixologists; styles they created (or customers imagined) would blend well together.While the menu is immeasurable enough for lots of people, Vaporfi wants to promote creativity among their consumers. With their offer “Blend of the Month Club,” vapers get to try styles Vaporfi’s mixologists are mixing in much the same way. They try various blends to see what works & test them on members of the club. Each month, for $15.99, members received a new container of e juice plus added savings & access to savings.

Nuts Over Caramel Apples Vape Juice (30ML)


  • Juicy red apples
  • Hot, gooey caramel
  • Freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, and roasted hazelnut

What’s included

  • 30ml bottle of the custom blend.
  • Select between 50% PG/50% VG ,70% PG/30% VG, or MAX VG


Official Flavor Profile

The winner of August 2015 “Blend of the Month contest,” which is picked by VaporFi among the 30k blends, which are custom-mixed by its consumers, Nuts Over Caramel Apples is a perfect blend of caramel, nuts, and apple, which is expertly mixed and perfectly blended to create a rich e-juice flavor.A fantastic concoction that is covered of rich Dulce de Leche – Caramel, with the bright addition of Juicy Red Apple.

Nuts Over Caramel Apples Vape Juice Review:

Flavor & Aroma : Inhale/Exhale

The juice was well made and quite tasty to boot. Decidedly more complex, a blend that would require an even greater set of skills to achieve, Apple – Caramel with Hazelnut. The initial flavor to present on the inhale is a delicious Hazelnut, thankfully without the boozy overtones that are all too common in Hazelnut based e-liquids.

It also doesn’t have that artificial sun-tan lotion note that is commonly found in nut based e-juice. Instead, it’s more of the candied type of Hazelnut, not dissimilar to the flavor of sweetened, shredded coconut used in baking.

As impressive and clean as the Hazelnut flavor is, the caramel is even more so. It begins to come through right at the top of the exhale with a stunningly realistic quality and precisely the same flavor as those luscious little Kraft caramel squares that flood grocery stores every Halloween for homemade caramel apples.

With the deep sweet flavor of the caramel, it’s not surprising that the lighter honey component is the bit less defined, but it is present in the exhale, just not to the same degree as the other flavors in the profile.

The Hazelnut is utilized well, adding an earthy, savory undertone throughout the entirety of profile, and a subtle, mild, nutty flavor that helps to highlight the sweeter apple and caramel notes.


All in all, the flavor closely resembles that of a candy bar, sans chocolate of course. In a standard dripping set-up, I preferred this juice relatively cool, just a hair under 8 watts or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atty.

I also dripped this juice in a mech mod/RDA set-up, and while it’s still tasty, the throat hit gets a little scratchy, and there is a bit of flavor lost to the heat.

Final Thoughts

All said I enjoyed this flavor substantially more in the mod set-up at a lower wattage. The flavors are bigger, bolder and more defined, throat hit is mild but not absent, and vapor production is abundant from the 50/50 blend.

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