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Best E-Juice Brands 2017


E-Liquids can be referred to as various things: e-juice, vape juice, e-cig juice, e-cigarette liquid or as it’s most commonly known as, e-liquid. E-Juices come in many different flavors. The most common flavors are tobacco and menthol, but there are hundreds of others to choose from. My brother and I prefer the sweet fruity flavors, with watermelon being our favorite e-juice flavor. Some firms will now let you create your custom blend e-liquids. Vaporfi, for instance, allows you to mix your own and we highly recommend you give it a try.

E-liquid is made up of four main ingredients, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), Nicotine and flavorings. While all have been cleared for consumption for the FDA, there is little testing on how these ingredients react with our bodies when inhaled. Studies have proven the toxins found in e-cigarette vapor are many times less toxic than regular cigarette smoke. Despite this there were levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, found in e-cig vapor, albeit nine times less than in a standard cigarette. Please do bear this in mind when vaping, that while better than smoking, vaping is still not completely harmless and hence we don’t recommend vaping to anyone who doesn’t usually smoke.

If you want to learn more about the ingredients makeup e-liquids and how differing levels of PG and VG affect your vaping, head over to our in depth PG vs. VG article.

When we vape, we like to make sure we are using the best quality e-liquid possible. As you are inhaling e-liquid into your lungs, we think it is of utmost importance that you reduce the possibility of damaging your health. We don’t want to risk using cheap e-liquids off Ebay or Alibaba that have come from god knows where and contains god knows what ingredients. We want to be using e-liquids produced under clinical conditions in a lab and e-liquids that have afterward undergone rigorous testing. We therefore only stick to big brands that we trust and would suggest you do so as well.

On this page, we will be bringing you all our favorite e-liquid brands. It will be an on going process, and new e-liquid reviews will be added every week or every other week. If you have a particular liquid that you want considering let us know and we can try and get some and do a review.

How to Recognize a Good Review Site

Responsible consumers like to think they will enjoy the product they purchase. One of the best ways to research an unknown product is by reading reviews written by other users. Through detailed reviews, it is often possible for a person to discern product attributes that are that are not mentioned in its advertising. Unfortunately, even product reviews are not safe from unethical tactics, such as the posting of false reviews. This site is committed to posting honest and sincere reviews that include both positive and negative opinions. Whenever seeking sites that provide honest e cig ratings and vaporizer reviews, look for:

  • Transparency – The reviews are not edited on the basis of positive or negative content. Sites that are paid to include affiliate links are up-front in saying so.
  • Experts info – Look for a site that includes expert opinion and study results.
  • Current information – The growth in the electronic cigarette market has yet to peak. New products and information are unveiled daily. Reputable info sites stay up-to-date with changes in the industry.
  • Community pages – A site that provides the means for its users to communicate among themselves shows it has nothing to hide.
  • Explanations – An entirely new vocabulary has come to light with the e-cig revolution. Extra credit goes to a site that provides a glossary, or that otherwise explains the meaning of such words as mod, vape, cartomizer, clearo, PV, and the like, and that seeks to enlighten rather than to further confuse.
    Despite the clamor of competing voices from those seeking to achieve the best e cig ratings, there is the occasional oasis of sanity, such as this site. All advertising is not hype, and credible sources of information do exist. We believe that ultimately, exceptional products speak for themselves.


What factors go into our e-liquid reviews?

  • Taste
  • Price
  • Choice of Nicotine Levels: Are there many nicotine options to choose from?
  • Choice of Flavours
  • Vapor Production
  • Throat Hit
  • Packaging: Is it easy to pour? Is there a child lock? Aesthetics
    Quality of IngredientsWe combine these factors to give you a score out of 10.Below you can find some of the e-liquids we have reviewed so far.

Enjoy the information and thank you for being a part of the ejuiceconnoisseur.com community!

The Vapor Chef

At The Vapor Chef, they pride themselves on excellence. Not only in product but also service. All of their vegetable glycerine & propylene glycol is USP certified & all nicotine bases are USA made. Flavor selections come from reliable, safe sources, are diacetyl, acetyl propionyl & acetoin free, & are specially formulated for vaping. All e-liquid is mixed fresh when you order & then ship within 72 hours. They never add any color, water or alcohol to their juice & they don’t use WTA extracts.

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Indigo Vapor

Indigo Vapor was founded in September of 2012, with the idea of creating the high-end boutique liquid that is safe, creative – and most importantly delicious. Through economies of scale and price negotiations, Indigo Vapor can bring you the best premium e-liquid, without the price extension that has been sweeping the industry. Indigo Vapor encourages you to Experience the Indigo Difference – try it, and you’ll find out why Indigo Vapor customers keep coming back!

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Mr. Good Vape

Mr. Good Vape is the self-proclaimed “Godfather of Vaping” sporting a stereotypical, Super Mario-like Italian mascot & a varied collection of e-juices. The California-based organization was first dreamt up by co-founders Gary Riddle & Chris Davis in 2010, but it didn’t become true until they started shipping their creations out to vapers in 2012. They’re dedicated to making high-end e-juices for connoisseurs, & the focus is firmly on fruity & dessert vapes, with blank on offer at the moment for tobacco e-juice lovers. This might seem like a downside, but many vapers are inexorably drawn to the sweeter options anyway, & Mr. Good Vape has a reputation for doing them well.

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Mister E-liquid

Mister-E-liquid was founded in 2010 on the focus principle of providing the highest quality e-juice to the consumer. Mister-E-liquid started out as an online-retailer with one employee, making e-juice on an order-by-order basis & retailing hardware via the website. This established a small-but-dedicated client base that has continued to grow over the last seven years rapidly.

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Halo is an American based e-cigarette producer. They pride themselves on providing quality, USA made products. They ship throughout the world. Through research, rigorous the siting, development,and innovation they are dedicated to providing best electronic cigarettes, e-liquids & all the accessories that go with them.


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Five Pawns

The pawn shape prompted us initially of the drip tip as did liquid bottles sitting on our tables. The dictionary definition defines a Pawn as 2. (noun) Someone which is manipulated to further another person’s purposes. Five Pawn thought of their liquid much like the “pawn.” It’s fitting that the game of chess (a sophisticated & complex game) uses the pawn.

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Mt Vapor Baker

Mt. Baker Vapor is a US e-juice & hardware provider. They are famous for their incredible tasting value for money e-juices. They sell a massive range of differently flavored e-juices in 0mg nicotine all the way up to 24mg. Mt Baker Vapor also does varying PG vs. VG ratios for those who like a thicker VG or PG mix. At Mt. Baker Vapor the customer does come first, & this is reflected in the well-priced, tasty e-juices.

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Vaporfi is a wholly controlled subsidiary of the International Vapor Group, Inc. They were formerly known as Vaporzone, and you would have probably seen their Superbowl advert (watch below). They sell a broad range of high quality and innovative e-cigarettes. They have a fantastic online store as well many stores across the USA. Their online site is simple to navigate and looks great. They are expanding quickly, and many stores are opening up across the USA. They are an e-cigarette brand to watch.

Vaporfi sells a wide range of e-cigarettes catering for all levels of vaping. They sell a mini e-cig, an ego and then sell some APVs and Mods. We take a peek at a some of their most popular products below.

If you are going to purchase any Vaporfi products we offer you a 12% discount through this link on all their products and e-liquids, so be sure to save yourself some money on your first purchase!

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Vape wild

Vape Wild is a passionate e-liquid store based in Dallas, TX that practices in making the most affordable e-liquids on the planet. Vape Wild is one of the quickest growing vapor companies in the U.S.A and pride on having a 24-hour turnaround & free shipping on orders over $25. Vape Wild also provide the customers with free e-juice on orders over $15 because Vape Wild want you to try all of the e-juice flavors. Vape Wild are confident that you will love these e-liquids as much as they do!

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Black note

Black Note e-liquid is a specially crafted tobacco line that stems from two different world perspectives.

The thing that sets it apart from other competitors is the way it was produced, it has undergone extensive farming, extraction and filtration before the product is released in the market.

The company that manufactures it has made sure that each material that is released passed the strict guidelines of EU, especially when it comes to the rule of farming, manufacturing, bottling and packaging.Unlike other nicotine sources, this product is sourced from natural tobacco leaves.

The tobacco leaves due to proper care and extraction is able to produce a distinct taste. The e-liquid contains distinct depth and flavor; the blends have included higher ohm oil as well as Aspire Nautiulus and Kayfun.

The company is able to produce a number of distinct flavors; there is a wide variety that a person can choose from.

The product is well crafted; clients can avail of the 30ml clear glass bottles that come with childproof droppers. Despite being one of the most expensive eliquids out in the market, it is considered as a top choice by many consumers. The system that is used to farm and process the blends are intricate and have been carefully considered.

It is able to receive top notch reviews, users are able to enjoy many hours of coil builds.

The packaging is well secured, the glass bottles come with child resistant caps, and it also comes with decorative cardboard tube, it is considered as one of the best packaging for this type of product in the world today. The name of the blend is clearly placed, as well as the nicotine level, and the batch number.

The blend is able to arrive at its unique taste due to the fact that it is carefully harvested and manufactured at the Italian Alps.

The Verona soils is able to produce the Virginia tobacco feel, the leaves once harvested come with natural sugars and resins which build up the bright taste and the aroma.

It has a smooth feel to it; some of the products like the Prelude contain natural sweet oat essence. Despite being a tobacco in itself, it is able to remind the user of cooked sweet oatmeal setting it apart from others. Just smelling the product alone provides a light and natural feel.

Due to the product quality, many users are attracted and remain loyal to the products.

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