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Mt Baker Vapor Review


About Mt Baker Vapor

Mt. Baker Vapor is a US e-juice & hardware provider. They are famous for their incredible tasting value for money e-juices. They sell a massive range of differently flavored e-juices in 0mg nicotine all the way up to 24mg. Mt Baker Vapor also does varying PG vs. VG ratios for those who like a thicker VG or PG mix. At Mt. Baker Vapor the customer does come first, & this is reflected in the well-priced, tasty e-juices.

They also sell a vast range of hardware including tanks, batteries, starter kits, mech mods, RDAs & the latest Aspire Atlantis tank.

Mt Baker Vapor is renowned for their excellent value for money e-juices. Their st&ard 15ml bottle costs around $5.99, for 30ml bottles around $8.49 or 236ml you pay $41!

Mt Baker Vapor offer free freight on orders over $50 & they deliver worldwide.

Mt Baker Vapor e-juice Ingredients

Mt. Baker Vapor e-juice ingredients are all sourced from the US. The ingredients are all the highest quality possible & are diacetyl free. The amounts of PG vs. VG range from flavor to flavor, so be sure to check that before you buy. You can pick heavier VG ratios or more massive PG ratios depending what you prefer.

Ingredients listed on the bottles: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine & Natural & artificial flavorings.


In this e-juice review, we will be testing eight different yummy flavors by Mt. Baker Vapor.
The flavors are ranked from our favorite to least favorite. As many of you know, we love fruity flavors, so this might influence our rankings!

Maui Sunrise: “Maui Sunrise is a powerfully e-liquid tasty tropical fruit blend that inspires visions of palm trees, warm summer breezes, & cocktail umbrellas.”

No surprises this was our favorite. This is a nice light tropical fruit blend that makes for a perfect all day vape. You can taste the citrus fruits (pineapple & orange) alongside lots of other yummy fruits & almost feels like a starburst. This e-liquid has to be one of our favorite fruit blends of all time!

Admiral Berry Crunch: “Admiral Berry Crunch is a refined & delicious blend of sweet & tart berries with rich, creamy breakfast cereal flavor.”

This has an excellent smooth taste to it. The first flavor you can taste is the berry flavor, & afterward, you get that breakfast cereal aftertaste. We loved vaping this one in the morn as it reminds us of our breakfast!

Moo Juice: “Moo Juice is a delectable blend of sweet strawberries & smooth cream.“

This one reminds me of Wimbledon! As an Englishman, I love the strawberries & cream flavor. We got a fruit flavor on inhaling & a cream aftertaste on the exhale. The strawberry e-liquid flavor tastes similar to strawberry Nesquik powder! We would recommend leaving this one to steep for a while, as otherwise, you get a loud popcorn after taste.

Cinnamon Roll: “Cinnamon Roll is a deliciously rich dessert vape, with a perfect blend of cinnamon & frosting.”

Its name says it all on this one. This one has a delicious cinnamon taste & tastes precisely like a cinnamon roll. It is very related to Apfelstrudel below but is slightly less sweet & without the Apple flavor. We would recommend steeping this flavor.

Apfelstrudel: “Apfelstrudel, more commonly known as Apple Strudel, e-juice is reminiscent of a delicious sugary breakfast pastry with a delectably crisp apple finish.”

Apfelstrudel is comparable in taste to the cinnamon roll above. As my brother & I are half German & currently live in Germany we love a good Apfelstrudel, so enjoyed this one a lot. This one has a cinnamon inhale, & a granny smith style apple exhale. As above we recommend steeping this flavor, & we would recommend an extra flavor shot with this one.

Hawk Sauce: “Hawk Sauce is a complicated blend of sweet & slightly sour berries, with a light hint of cool menthol.”

This is one of Mt Baker Vapors top selling e-juices, & it tastes surpassing. If you like a fruity taste with a hint of menthol, then you will like this one. We don’t actually like menthol that much, but this one only has a scent of menthol in it. It has a sour berry taste (often raspberry) with a light menthol taste. Not bad at all!

Vanishing Oatmeal Treats: “From warm oatmeal cookie dough & delicious cinnamon sugar to a hint of fresh raisin, this Vanishing Oatmeal Treats e-juice is ideal for cold nights spent by the fire.“

This one tasted too much like breakfast or a cereal bar for me. I could vape e-liquid it in the morning for a while, but it’s not an all-day vape for me, as I got it quite sickening after prolonged use. For those who like oatmeal, this is the one for you! We found if we steeped it for two weeks the taste got less sickening.

Extreme Ice: “Just like the name suggests, Extreme Ice is a radically cool & frigidly smooth, minty vape.“

We are not the biggest e-liquid mint fans, so this one wasn’t one of our picks. It is a very icy e-liquid with a mint exhale to it. I am sure those who like mints will like this one, but it wasn’t for us.

Note: We used 65% PG & 35% VG for all of the e-juices above in 12mg nicotine & with nothing added flavor shots. We recommend steeping the sweeter flavors e-liquid to maximize the flavor. If you are using a heavier VG blend e-liquid, we would also recommend using additional flavor shots to enhance the flavor.

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Overall we were incredibly impressed with the Mt. Baker Vapor e-juice range. They are delicious & give you a great throat hit as well as producing tonnes of vapor.

Our only issue was that the st&ard bottles were a bit difficult to fill smaller tanks, as the tips are quite extensive. Mt. Baker Vapor e-liquid offers a special blunt needle tip that you can purchase to make refilling tanks easier.


  • – Amazing tasting e-juices
  • – Great choice of flavors
  • – Different PG VG ratios available to choose from
  • – Fantastic value for money
  • – Good selection of nicotine levels
  • – Fast shipping and great customer service
  • – Diacetyl free


  • – Bottle tips were a bit large so you need to purchase a needle pourer seperately
  • – Would like to see a bit more information on the e-liquid ingredients on the Mt Baker website
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