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Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey 120ml Review


Close your eyes & imagine a vape lighter than air. You see fields of puffy marsh mallows as far as the eye can see. The sky opens & sweet milk rains down. Open your eyes in time for the perfect note of delicious honey to cap it all off. Finally, you have arrived….in the land of milk & honey.

 Flavors:  Marshmallows, Sweet Milk, Honey

PG/VG :  30% PG / 70% VG

Bottle :  30ml or 60ml

Type:  Glass with Child-resistant Dropper Cap

Brand Cosmic Fog 

This e-juice is TPD compliant which means it meets all criteria stated in the European Tobacco Protocol Directive where e-cigarettes and e-juice are included.
TPD was conducted in Sweden 1/6 2017, with the final date for implementation 1/1 2018.

American Cosmic Fog was designed in sunny Orange County by Rob & Brant. Cosmic Fog was designed with the goal of setting up the unique and high-quality e-juices world has ever seen.

Each flavor will be a new exciting user experience, and given that the Cosmic Fog spend 7-10 months of pure love to develop every flavor nobody is surprised. During the addition, the entire Cosmic Fog Team tests the flavor for a couple of weeks to not only ensure it is mixed to end but also to make sure that the taste buds are just as happy after some time.

Milk and Honey is another masterpiece from Cosmic Fog. Not quite as difficult as the Church but I’m not a contender for complexity anyway. I like this.

It’s the most favorite Cosmic Fog e-juice flavor, & there’s cause so many people rave about it.

It’s creamy, smooth & subtly sweet making it a complete all-day-vape. Just as the name suggests, it starts off with a smooth; milky inhale & follows with a subtle sweet honey’nut aftertaste.

People often compare it to the leftover milk in a bowl of Honey’Nut Cheerios, & that description serves it extremely well. It’s one of those flavors that you never get sick of and always seems to hit the spot.

I enjoy certain kinds of liquids with certain kinds of drinks (alcoholic or not). Well, this one is something to go with my morning coffee, & I love that about it. Not as milky as Banzai Vapors “Milk Plus” (a milk & caramel flavor) but it’s there.

Milk & Honey is one of those few flavors that is good w/o being overboard. It just feels perfect and can be vaped (for me at least) all the time, never getting boring or dull.

I never really thought honey & marshmallow would greet each other let alone a milk tone, but hey, it just works. The vapor of it just works so well with the flavor- honey/ marshmallow/cream is just an open taste, like whipped cream that tastes best in vapor form. The marshmallow is a little softened so that probably contributes to the overall flavor.

The genuine way to describe it is like graham cracker dipped in milk. Honestly one of my favorite All Day Vapes (ADVs). Excellent vapor production and just the right throat hit.

There is just something about cosmic fog that just gets its right all the time when it comes to making great e-liquids that taste amazing & perform just as thoroughly.

You bet I like this flavor to have gone insane when I found out they were selling it at this price for