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The Vapor Chef Unicorn Juice review


Official Flavor Note:


Since beginning the ejuice connoisseur journey, I’ve tasted a lot of good juice…I’ve also tasted a lot of not so good juice, and of course some total bombs, as one might expect, but hey, they can’t all be winners. During that time, I’ve stumbled across some incredible new vendors, folks going way above and beyond, creating new flavor combinations not seen before, and improving upon existing ideas that have been around since the very early days of vaping. Among those great vendors, there are a few particular blends that stand out above the rest, shining beacons of what a dedicated, skilled, accomplished juicer can create.

One such flavor is The Vapor Chef’s Honey Pearry, juice no one had heard of three short months ago, and today is more popular (and still more readily available) than some of the juice that has hundreds of pages worth of praise in the various vaping related forums. Much like the soon-to-be legendary Honey Pearry, The Vapor Chef’s Unicorn Juice (née Unicorn Poop) has also managed to create quite a buzz in the vaping community, although admittedly not quite to the same degree as Honey Pearry.

When I am opening the Unicorn bottle, I was eager to see what all the buzz was about. I stashed it in the steeping drawer, giving it the daily shake and breathe, and waited patiently. Three short weeks later, I grabbed it, along with a freshly wicked RDA, and sat down for my first tasting session with this juice.


At first, let me tell you little about their packaging.Vapor Chef e-juices either get in plastic or glass bottles, depending on the size you buy. I picked up four 30 ml glass bottles (it comes with an extra 6 ml bottle) & eight 6 ml plastic taster bottles, & you can also find 15 ml plastic bottles or huge 60 ml glass ones. The design is effortlessly minimalistic & stylish; black & white with the fresh kitchen-knife logo in front & center, telling you that you’re settling in for some thoroughly-crafted flavors. The bottles also include a mixing date & all the expected information about the juice, its ingredients & a warning to keep it away from kids & pets.


The primary component of Unicorn Juice is cake, an incredibly realistic, natural tasting blueberry tinged coffee cake like flavor, minus the crumb topping. In its place is a sweet frosting like flavor with a teaser of white chocolate that could easily be overlooked, but once you taste it for the first time, it’s difficult to miss again.


Like the other flavors I’ve tasted from TVC, it’s not just the rich, lush, bold, flavors that make this juice so special (and it is special). The crystal clear base liquids and nicotine he uses serve as an untarnished canvas for those flavors to emerge.

Overall flavor profile:

The overall profile is quite sweet, as any self-respecting dessert juice should be, but it doesn’t come off as saccharine sweet, which made it quite easy for me to spend several days vaping this juice without suffering from juice fatigue.

If you’re not one for the decadently sweet vapes, however, this one might not be for you.

While the blueberry cupcake flavor, along with the subtle taste of frosting, present immediately on the inhale and continue straight through to the long finish, the final component, a mildly tart, bright, natural red raspberry note is skillfully inserted on the back end of the vape, helping to slice through a little of the sweetness, while providing an additional fruity component to the overall profile.

This is the kind of work The Vapor Chef has become so well known for, and it’s not hard to understand why after just a few short vapes.


As I mentioned earlier, I started this review in a mech/RDA rig, specifically one of my more extreme sub-Ω coiled set-ups. It was big, bold and bright, even in my modified IGO-W with dual 1/16″ air intakes, dual twisted 30ga canthal coils, wrapped on a 2mm eco wool wick.

The whole set-up clocks in at a very warm .4Ω and the Unicorn Juice performed extraordinarily well, even under those fairly intense conditions.

Out of total flavors, I have tried this is one of the best easily. I’ve tried at least 30 flavors from various “favorite” vendors on here. I would put this on my #2 favorite all time at this point.

I could use this as my ADV. Personally, it’s not too sweet, but it’s sweet enough for my liking.

I don’t generally like the 1 to 10 scales, but I’ll leave one for this anyway.

Of course, I also vaped this one for quite a while (2 full days) using my more conventional set-up, ProVari V2, 510/306 hybrid dripping atomizer at 2.5Ω and enjoyed the flavor just as much. In that rig, I found the juice performed optimally at a more subdued 9.6w or 4.9v. This kept the flavors clean and bright with the light, ethereal flavor of the cake mingling perfectly with the more intense berry notes, and while the throat hit was on the milder side, the 50/50 base ratio produced exceptional clouds of sweet, sweet vapor.

The Vapor Chef is a model in how taking extra responsibility in crafting flavors & quality control pays off lucratively.This tastes similar blueberry cupcakes with white chocolate icing & a raspberry on top.


  • Nicotine levels available: 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg & 24 mg/ml.
    PG/VG ratio- 50/50 as st&ard.
  • USP-certified PG & VG, with US-made nicotine, & no sweeteners, colorings, alcohol or water added.
  • E-liquid performed in the US & fresh to order – shipped within 72 hours.
  • Excellent flavors – the chef’s expertise following the unicorn recipes is sufficiently clear!
  • Good prices, particularly for a “gourmet” e-liquid.


  • Too subtle

Bottom Line

It’s rich, slightly creamy, and flush with the flavor of baked, lightly caramelized blueberries, resembling the perfect blueberry muffin with just the right fruit to bready, cakey ratio, instantly reminiscent of the best part of any cupcake or muffin, the lightly browned top.Sweet & sour candy with good vapor. A light throat hit is disappointing, but not all that much.

PRICE:$6.49 for 10 ml
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