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Official Flavor Profile:

A cherry cavendish tobacco.  A complex tobacco, notes of oak and cherry with a slight hint of vanilla.  This tastes like the tobacco shops I used to walk into as a child with my father.  The smell of the fresh cherry pipe tobacco right when they opened that big glass jar to scoop some into a bag.  That’s what this tastes like.

Nicotine Concentration 3mg , 6mg , 12mg , 18mg
PG/VG Ratio(s)20/80, 30/70, 50/50, 70/30
****A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner e-Juice

Before we get rolling on this review, I think with a juice named Slartibartfast, it would be prudent to address its origins. Despite the minor drawback of putting my nerd roots on display, Slartibartfast is a character from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. He is part of a race that designs planets, including Earth, and he’s quite good at his job winning an award for his work on the Norwegian coastline. The Vapor Chef has two other flavors (at the time of this review) that are named after characters from the book, both of which will be reviewed as well.

With that out of the way, let’s get started on what’s important here, the juice. While Slartibartfast is on the tobacco page of this website (and TVC’s as well), it’s important to note that there is a great deal more going on in this profile. The predominant notes & those that appear immediately on the inhale are the highlights of the blend. Three different flavors come together to form a singular, cohesive profile that is loaded with its depth, character, and sophistication.


The first, and most pronounced, a rich, sweet vanilla, flows seamlessly into a slightly tart black cherry that brings along its light sweetness, both of which are accompanied by the unmistakable, earthy, lightly caramelized flavor of Oak barrel aging. Like many of the other “enhanced” tobacco e-juices, the flavor of the leaf is secondary to the additional components. On its own, it’s smooth and mild, much like a sweet pipe tobacco.

The flavor is unquestionably a substantial part of the profile, but it’s not the lead player. Instead, it compliments the cherry, vanilla, and Oak with a solid, immensely satisfying toasted note that lends the juicing body, a sense of fullness, and a superb sense of balance.

With TVC’s intense fruit and candy flavors, I was expecting a well-made tobacco, but I wasn’t anticipating a tobacco that was on the same level as flavors like Honey Pearry and Hobbes Blood.


This is a cherry Cavendish tobacco, & is wonderfully detailed on the Vapor Chef site as evoking thoughts of a legendary tobacconist, like “the smell of the fresh cherry pipe tobacco right when they opened that big glass jar to scoop some into a bag.” It sounds a little fanciful, but when you have a vape, the rich, complex notes of tobacco & the sweet, subtle hints of cherry take you right back. The whole thing is very understated, so if you’ve smoked a cherry pipe tobacco before, take that flavor, make it about 50 times less potent & you have this. It genuinely is like the faint odor given off by a new pot of cherry tobacco.

The fact here is that, while this is not a pure, straight, stiff tobacco, the mild sweetness, unique utilization of Oak, and rich, creamy vanilla, create a blend that stands on its own two feet, and stands proud. Don’t let the name fool you; this juice brings a developed sense of sophistication and class to TVC’s more whimsical catalog.

With most tobacco flavors that make a little boost from the generous complimentary notes, it’s all about total wattage. With Slartibartfast, wattage has little effect on the overall flavor.


Vapor Production & Throat Hit

I vaped this juice all over the normal vaping wattage spectrum (and beyond), and while the tobacco becomes slightly more potent with additional heat, the variation is negligible. In my rig, I spent most of my time with it at an even 10 watts (5v on a 2.5Ω atty), but again VV/VW is not needed to eke out the best flavor. I also had it in my 50w 10 amp capable VV mod topped with a dual coiled Nimbus (drilled to double 1/16″ air intakes) at .9Ω and put about 35 watts into it with no flavor degradation to speak of.

All elements of the juice continued bright & genuine while producing a stout throat hit and thick, dense clouds of vapor.

Overall, The Slartibartfast is a combination of cherry tobacco that blends the rich taste of tobacco with complex hints of sweet cherry. For those who’ve smoked cherry pipe tobacco before, this will take back a flood of memories.

Shipping & Price:

USP-certified ingredients were mixed with the USA made nicotine, & every bottle is made fresh so that it will be processed within 72 hours of your order. There are no colors, WTA tobacco flavors, or alcohol in any flavors. Aras tried them all on many kinds of hardware.

A 36-ml glass bottle is one glass bottle of liquid plus a 6-ml plastic dripper bottle. Shipping is only available in the USA, but it’s free once your order reaches $50.

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