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Mr. Good Vape Sweet Lovin’


Since I began the whole Vapor journey, over months ago (at the time of this review), I’ve come across quite a few vendors who excel at their craft. What I’ve yet to come across, & something I’m often asked about is one vendor that does everything perfectly.

Instead, some vendors have their strengths. For example, while a juice merchant like Indigo makes a good deal of tasty vapes, they excel in crafting some of the finest tobacco e-liquids on Earth. Similarly, Mr. Good Vapes has consistently demonstrated they have some of the finest skills in the business when it comes to fruity, candy style vapes. Their Karma Cream is far, and away my favorite peach flavored e-liquid, and very close to the top of my “all-time favorites” list.

So, when another bottle from the vendor reaches the on-deck circle in my steeping drawer, my curiosity piques, & I tend to find myself a little giddy with the anticipation of sensing what they have put together. The next bottle in order from them, Sweet Loving, is one I had been eagerly anticipating due to the positive buzz I had seen in the various vaping forums.

Like the other juice I’ve tasted from Mr. Good Vapes, Sweet Loving is a veritable flavor explosion, with the lush, sweet flavors combined, one on top of the other, to produce another big, succulent profile from the guys who seem to do the candied, fruity vapes like no one else. The ingredients are fairly simple, a very realistic old school bubble gum flavor, like Bazooka or Double Bubble, is the dominating flavor in the mix, although not by much.

That’s backed-up by an even mix of a sweet candy-like strawberry, and a good dose of an oft-used candy watermelon flavor. The combination seems simple enough, and it is, like something you might expect from a pack of Bubbalicious, but the final product is far greater than the sum of its parts.

The flavors are big, bold, and in-your-face, yet at the same time, it doesn’t come off as cloyingly sweet. There’s something to be said for the softer, more subtle flavors, but with a sparkling clean base liquid, and flavors with so much depth and intensity, there’s just no reason to hold back, and Mr. Good Vapes unleashes enormous, audacious amounts of flavor in every vape of Sweet Loving. In my VV reviewing rig, I preferred Sweet Loving at an even 10 watts, or 5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. It can handle a bit more heat, but 10w keeps the flavors at their peak while still producing a good throat hit and huge plumes of vapor. In the mech mod/RDA set-up (Wallaby by Slumberland Industries, twisted 28ga kanthal at .8Ω, on 1.5mm Ekowool), I found it best to be a bit more careful.

The additional heat caused by chain vaping (this juice is hard to put down) can cause a slight degradation of flavor and lead to mildly off putting the note, presumably from the strawberry component. If you can manage to restrain yourself and not let it get too hot, the juice does fine in a sub-Ω environment, producing the same sweet flavors, with the anticipated increase in both throat hit and vapor production.