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Mt. Baker Vapor Cookie Blaster Review


Deliciously fresh and mouthwatering cookies come together with smooth sweet cream in this Mount Baker Vapor Cookie Blaster e-juice. Reminiscent of a creamy cookies & cream milkshake, Cookie Blaster will have you hooked from the first vape.

As I’ve discussed before, I don’t like to talk about value, that’s just not where my skill set lies, particularly when perceived value is what’s important when it comes to vaping. If the only juice you enjoy enough to keep from smoking analogs sells for $1/ml, I’d say spend that money.

If that juice only costs 35¢/ml, well that’s even better, but either way, the important part is not smoking analogs. In that regard, Mt Baker has managed to drum up a very loyal following with their extraordinarily low pricing. Many vapers use no juice vendor other than MBV. I’ve already reviewed a handful of the juice they submitted, and while some of them have performed quite well, others have fallen flat, their Cookie Blaster lies somewhere in between.

Before all the emails begin pouring in asking me if I steeped this juice, the answer is “yes,” I steep every juice. It’s been tasted all throughout the steeping process, and because I wasn’t getting the flavors I expected after my standard steeping procedure, it’s also received an additional “cap-off” steeping period in the hopes of bringing out the flavors I’ve seen other folks mention in the various forums.

Nooo, don’t worry, while the name might suggest it (Cookie BLASTER) there are no guns & no ammunition compared with this flavor! Cookie Blaster is just an overpoweringly special blend of “oreo” cookies & cream to make for a sweet cookie styled milkshake. This mouthwatering e-juice will entice your senses from the very first vape.

The fact is, however, that when you get right down to it, this juice is a little weak in flavor density. As a side note, when I’m reviewing juice, and it’s simply not coming off as expected, I go through a variety of processes including using different types of atomizers to try and eke out a bit more flavor. In this case, I tried several different atomizers variations and eventually got a fairly decent vape out of this juice on a mech mod/RDA rig using my ERA with 28ga canthal on XC-116 at .8Ω. That being said, these reviews are scored based on side by side comparisons, in the same style atomizers, on the same mod, my ProVari. And in that instance, this juice under performs.

The flavor that does come through is not far from what MBV was shooting for, Oreo cookies, because again, my issue here isn’t with accuracy, it’s with density. The front side of the vape is occupied mostly by the cream filling flavor with the chocolate wafer side of the profile becomes more pronounced through the exhale, with all of it tying together nicely on the finish.

Overall, it’s a decent replication of the flavor of an Oreo. But there is a secondary issue with the Cookie Blaster, and its one that has haunted almost all of the reviews I’ve written for Mt Baker juice. Something in their base formula, either their PG, VG, or nicotine brings along with it a chemical undertone that is well masked by some flavors and less so by others. In the case of the Cookie Blaster, it’s mostly disguised, but not completely absent.

I would venture to say that some, but not all experienced vapers might be able to get through 10ml without noticing the off note, but probably not much more than that. So, while Cookie Blaster is not a ‘bad’ flavor, it’s a bit weak, and the fact remains that it doesn’t taste like a premium juice made with premium ingredients.

I know that MBV offers the option of adding additional ‘flavor shots’ to their bottles so perhaps with a few extra shots, this juice would sing a different tune, but as is, it’s just not as potent as it needs to be.

I found the sweet spot just short of 10.5w at 5.1v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This produces the most flavor one can eke out of this particular e-liquid (without a sub-Ω coil), as well as a decent throat hit with slightly above average vapor production.