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Indigo Vapor The Duke Review


This is far from the first review I’ve written for Indigo’s line of gourmet e-liquid, but with the exception of their Captain Ron, the others have all been for sweet, mostly fruity flavors.

The Duke is Indigo’s take on the classic straight tobacco e-juice and while they have generated quite a bit of buzz around some of their other flavors, particularly the Blue Ice and Captain Ron, The Duke has simply not spawned the same amount of chatter in the various vaping forums, but if you’re looking for a big, rich, true tobacco e-liquid, look no further.

While the latest trend in tobacco flavors has been leaning heavily towards the sweeter side, with many vendors putting an emphasis on additional components like caramel and vanilla, Indigo is bucking the trend, and going old school with a ridiculously smooth, bold, straightforward tobacco, that shifts the focus back to the leaf and lets the flavor carry the juice from start to finish.

The flavor is remarkably true, invoking memories of the way a fresh pack of analogs smelled right as the foil is torn, or the way a fresh cigar smells of pure unadulterated tobacco. Helping to round out the flavor profile is a subtle, deep nuttiness that adds a sense of fullness and body while rounding out the earthy spice and acidity that the tobacco flavor imparts.

All said, this is one of the purest, straight tobacco flavors I’ve had to date, and it’s positively loaded with big, robust flavor. Like most tobacco based e-liquid, the sweet spot is quite wide making the juice a great option for those with or without variable voltage devices. I preferred it at an even 10 watts or 5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which produced a tremendous throat hit, with enormous clouds of big, bold vapor.