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Banana Milk E-Liquid By Kilo Moo Series Review


Banana Milk e-liquid like the name suggests is a fine blend of fruit and milk flavors. The combination of milk and banana flavors in this premium e-juice is both smooth and tasty. Banana Milk is manufactured in the US by Kilo Moo Series. The California based manufacturer has craved a niche in the highly competitive vaping industry by creating top notch e-liquids. Kilo Moo Series has a specialty of producing unique milk based e-liquid blends. These premium e-liquids are smooth, sweet, and rich. Kilo Moo Series mix fruits and nuts like almonds and coffee to create their unique e-liquid blends. And Banana Milk follows in the same delicious vaping tradition which was started in 2014 when Kilo Moo Series first burst into the scene.

Banana Milk by Kilo Moo Series features a mix of freshly sliced bananas and sweet milk. When you inhale this premium e-juice, your taste buds will be filled with a combination of the smooth and fruity flavor peculiar to bananas. However, on the exhaling this e-juice, you will taste the sweet and subtle cream of the milk flavor. This creamy taste is heightened at the tail end of the exhale while the banana flavor still lingers on the back of your tongue. The blend of the sweet and creamy taste of the bananas and milk is balanced. The taste of Banana Milk by Kilo Moo Series can be felt with every hit. This e-juice leaves the mouth salivating in anticipation for more puffs. Banana Milk is definitely an all day vaping e-juice. Vapers who enjoy milk and banana flavors will not be disappointed with this e-liquid.

Banana Milk by Kilo Moo Series contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. Like other Kilo Moo Series products, Banana Milk has a very thick consistency. This e-juice is ideal for vaping on a sub ohm tank. Banana Milk also works well on a rebuildable atomizer (RDA).

Banana Milk creates good clouds. The clouds are thick and sweet scented. Cloud chasers will likely not find this e-juice disappointing. The throat hit of this premium e-juice is just like its taste. Banana Milk has a very smooth and mellow throat hit. Vapers who abhor e-liquid which has harsh or strong throat hit would find Banana Milk very pleasing. It’s smooth and creamy throat hit is nice and calming. The after taste of Banana Milk is both refreshing and sweet. Banana Milk like other Kilo Moo Series e-liquid flavors has an average nicotine level in comparison with other e-liquids currently on the market. Banana Milk comes in different nicotine strength levels which range from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Banana Milk, like other Kilo Moo Series e-liquid flavors, comes in a trademark ‘spotted-cow’ dripper bottle. The design on this clear glass bottle is appealing and thus easy to catch the eye. This e-juice comes in different bottle sizes including 30 and 60 ml. The Kilo Moo Series logo on this e-liquid is white. The logo is placed in the middle of gold designs. Banana Milk comes in a black and white spotted box. Kilo Moo Series thoughtfully added a dripper in the box. The dripper comes in handy when refilling your tank. It reduces the chances of your e-liquid spilling.

A 30 ml bottle of Banana Milk by Kilo Moo Series can be purchased at vapefu.com for $19.97. Banana Milk is recommended for vapers looking for a good banana and milk flavored e-liquid. This premium e-juice is arguably the best banana and milk flavored e-liquid currently on the market.