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Indigo Vapor Pumpkin Mocha Supreme Review


With Indigo’s proven track record in both tobacco and fruits as well as a perfect score from their Mint Choco Fusion, I was curious to see how they would fare with this juice, a Pumpkin Mocha.

I commonly find issues with coffee based e-liquids, finding most taste overly artificial with a saccharine sweetness reminiscent of coffee flavored candies. Hopeful that Indigo would fare better than others, I grabbed a freshly coiled Helios, my Nemesis, and got comfortable in my holiday review nook next to the Christmas tree.

The nose on the bottle is sweet, but the vape itself is quite tasty. The profile is dark, deep, earthy and delicious, with a light, easy sweetness that is a very long trail from cloying. The pumpkin exists right on the exhale, with a subtle, delicate, blend of the traditional spice.

The spice is light at the top, but gains a bit extra traction on the exhale where it’s matched with a dark, roasted coffee flavor that, while not pure, and does still includes some of the artificial tasting coffee-candy flavor that all coffee e-liquids seem to possess to some degree, it does come close to the flavor of the genuine article than the overwhelming majority of coffee based e-liquids I’ve tasted. The chocolate enters into play late in the exhale, gaining an even greater foothold towards the finish, but even then, it’s not particularly potent, acting as more of a complimentary flavor to the pumpkin and coffee, lending a light hint of sweetness and a greater sense of body.

The profile is one of a singular, cohesive chord that touches on all the notes presented, but does so in a way that leads to a tightly knit arrangement. With the pumpkin, coffee and chocolate all being deeper tones, there are very few head notes in play, aside from some of the seasoning, so the vape is mostly focused on bottom notes. This is a vape that, like some of Indigo’s other juice, is big, bold, and robust, a real juice to spend a cold winter night with. In the MOD, I found the flavors to meld best at the lower wattage. With a 2.5Ω atomizer, I preferred it at 8.4w or 4.6v. While it was tasty on the Smok MOD combo with dual 28ga Kanthal coils at .66Ω, I preferred the flavor I got from the same Helios atop my Duke, which has the luxury of VV, allowing me to dial in a constant 21 watts, where I found the flavors to be most pronounced.

The juice can take quite a bit more heat, but with all the deep tones, I found it to be too much for me to chain vape any higher. Throat hit is a bit milder than I anticipated, but a long way from what I would call mellow. Vapor production is, as I have come to expect from all things Indigo, voluminous.

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