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Juice Review: Honey Cured Tobacco


I purchased Honey Cured Tobacco from Pink Spot Vapors a while ago with my first PSV order. It is still one of my favorite tobacco vapes right now simply because of its’, well, simplicity.

The flavor is very basic and not too complex and I like that, or need that at times. I enjoy my complex flavors like Honey Beez or even mixing Pink Spot and Blu Spot together for that extra kick of flavor but when I want a plain, regular tobacco vape that is authentic I go for Honey Cured Tobacco.

On the exhale of the vapor I get the sense of smell and taste of when you take a cigarette and just hold it your nose to get a good whiff of the tobacco before lighting it. Or when you take a handful of shredded tobacco and smell it in your palm. HCT smells and tastes just like that except a little bit of sweetness from the honey. This juice is a very authentic vape, like a cigarette fresh out of the package without all the ash and tar.

The honey is very mild and accentuates the tobacco very nicely. The flavor is very mellow and smooth with that tad bit of sweetness on the end that rounds the juice out very nicely. This can and is at times an all day vape for me, especially when I want to get away from the fruits and candy flavors and I just want to have a cigarette or cigar.

I recommend this juice to people that feel the same way when they are bombarded or tired of their crazy flavored juices and I would highly recommend it to a new vaper that is still trying to switch over from analogs but hasn’t had the right vape yet.

This juice can very well be an introductory vape or even a veterans vape that wants that authentic cigarette taste.

A smooth tobacco taste with a hint of delicious honey. The honey taste is realistic without being overpowering.

At 12mg Honey Cured Tobacco provides a mild throat hit, but not a lot. The vapor is decent as well and you can get some nice plumes.

Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed.