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Indigo Vapor GINGERBREAD JOE Review


I usually like gingerbread vapes, almost as much as I like the real thing. There’s just something about the bold, earthy spice of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove that screams Christmas, at least for me.

So when I saw another gingerbread come in for this year’s Christmas reviews, I wasn’t the least bit put off, despite having already been through two other similar flavors. With the expectation of that sweet quartet of flavors, I picked up a freshly coiled atomizer, placing it carefully atop my Poldiac, picked up my ProVari and new 510 dripping atty, the bottle of TVR’s Gingerbread, and with full hands, I settled into my holiday reviewing nook by the Christmas tree.

I decided to begin the review in the Kanger evod, starting as I usually do with minimal wattage, right around 7w. At this wattage, I was struck by the overpowering nutmeg, accompanied only by a faint gingerbread flavor. As I increased the voltage, in .1v increments, the flavor profile began to gain greater definition. The ginger, cinnamon, and mild clove all begin to increase in intensity, helping to solidify the overall gingerbread impression, but even once I honed in on my preferred sweet spot with the ProVari/dripper rig (11.2w or 5.3v on a 2.5Ω atty), I never felt as if the nutmeg melded fully into the profile, instead remaining it’s flavor, slightly overpowering the other spice.

I was hopeful that, under some more extreme wattage, the flavor profile would show a greater sense of symmetry, with the flavor profile that I was hoping for, but even with the Poldiac/Nimbus, built with dual twisted 28ga Kanthal coils at .65Ω, the nutmeg is still the most potent note in the profile. While the flavor is miles from being bad, I was hoping for a more cohesive, more realistic representation of one of my favorite holiday treats, and this one just doesn’t put me in the holiday spirit. Nevertheless, I reached for my Duke mod to see how far

I could push this juice, and to see if the potential of 50w of power with a 10 amp limit would further aid in bringing the spices to a more desirable ratio, but even at maximum wattage (for a very brief moment) the spices do not attain the balance I would like to see from a gingerbread.

In fact, with all of the rigs I used, the flavor variance is slight at best, no more than one would expect from the additional wattage. Throat hit is good in all the rigs, but short of extraordinary even at the most extreme wattage, with vapor production clocking in just above average.