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Juice Review: TONIC Criollo Blend


A Short Introspective

After purchasing my eGo on Pure Smoker I would check back often to see what juice I wanted next. After falling in love with Appleonia and Peanut Butter Cup I knew that Pure Smoker crafted some quality juices. Nothing really interested me at the time until I noticed this juice showing up one day at the top of Pure Smoker’s TONIC USA eLiquid page. I was intrigued on how they got a real cigar and being a cigar smoker I definitely had to purchase it.

I vaped this bottle down to its’ final drops saving those last few for this review. I have been waiting a very long time to write this review because I wanted to find the real thing. I searched mostly all the nearby tobacco shops where I live and even beyond that to find the Cupido Criollo cigar with no success. I wasn’t about to spend the $80 bucks to buy a box of the cigars but I was hoping to find a tobacconist that may have had at least one.

Finally, I visited a cigar shop I found that I never been before which was really nice on the inside. I love walking into a cigar shop, the smell, the finely crafted wood and glass showcases with beautiful looking cigars in them just makes me smile. After talking with the vendor she pointed me to a Cusano Habano LXI Sun Grown cigar which was wrapped in a Criollo leaf and had a mild-medium blend with a medium colored leaf.

Being a sun grown criollo tobacco leaf, it grew in the middle of the plant whereas if it were at the bottom it would be lighter because of the shade and darker if it was the top of the plant which would receive the most sun giving it a darker color. I agreed with her on that being the choice because the juice seemed to me to be a light to medium blend with more of a medium tone.

The smell of the Criollo leaf was hinted at a sweetness but was definitively a medium blend. The cigar was mellow and smooth which gave it a creamy taste when with no tones of a pepperyness until the exhale.

Now I know this is not the real Cupido Criollo cigar which the juice is remade from, and I know that would not make a fair review of the juice. I wanted to get a Criollo leaf cigar to get a base and a sense of where Pure Smoker was coming from with this juice and I think I got a good lead with that cigar.

The Review

The smell of the Criollo Blend juice is mild and sweet. A very mellow tobacco essence with the absence of any hay or grassy notes. It is neither floral nor perfume enhanced. To place the smell of it I know that it is unique among my other tobacco blends being that I can’t recognize any flavors that I have here on hand with my other juices or my DIY stockpile except for one, Tobacco Extract from Perfumers Apprentice, but not in its’ raw state.

When I mix Tobacco Extract with more Vegetable Glycerin than Propylene Glycol I get a much sweeter tobacco taste from my juices. When I apply the mix the other way around I get a more stronger and less sweet tobacco taste. The base of the Criollo Blend seems to me to be a sweetened mix of Vegetable Glycerin with some more complex notes on the end. This juice is very sweet smelling.

The vape experience of Criollo Blend is very chilled and mello, the taste has just enough earthy tone with a tight sweetness. The draw is dry and it has a clean inhale and exhale with no throat hit at 8mg. A friend remarked that this is a vape you can sit back to listening to Bob Marley and burning some incense and the juice would blend right in with that scene as if it belonged there, and I agree. Light, clean and at times refreshing this juice is a real nice blend when you want to just hang out.

The smell of the Criollo leaf and this vape is almost spot on. I don’t know how Pure Smoker achieved that but the juice has the same characteristics as the cigar. Mellow, medium, smooth and creamy. Four words that explain this juice. I am happy with this juice from Pure Smoker and I think they did a really nice job with trying to recreate the Criollo leaf.

The vapor production is decent and the thickness and consistency dosen’t add up to my more VG than PG theory but I assume you can always use a sweetener and a thinner to make the juice more manageable and easy to work with.

I just squeezed the last bit of juice from my 6ml bottle of Criollo Blend from Pure Smoker, I’ve been vaping and smelling it throughout this whole review and even before I started to write. That closes the chapter in my quest for the actual cigar and the review of this juice. One day I will get my hands on a Cupido Criollo but I have finished my search for now.