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Indigo Vapor Grape Ape Review


Indigo is a pretty new vendor to the gourmet e-juice marketplace, but with a relatively small number of flavors in their collection, they have spent a great deal of time working on and perfecting their recipes. This hard work is evidenced by two perfect scores to date and others reviews that, while not quite a perfect 20 out of 20, have been exceedingly close.

Their Grape Ape flavor is a combination grape/banana e-juice, a duo I haven’t previously seen in the same bottle. Both of the fruity flavors are of the candy variety and are, according to Indigo, used in proportions that create a “perfectly balanced” ratio of flavors. While this wasn’t too far off from my findings, the grape bubblegum-like flavor, which makes its appearance immediately on the front side of the vape, and continues to have a strong presence through to the finish, comes off a tad stronger than the taffy-like banana.

While the banana doesn’t have as large a role to play on the inhale (although it’s not absent), it comes into its own in the finish, helping to cut through the great grape, lending a creaminess to the vape, and improving the sum balance of the flavor profile.

Like all of Indigo’s juice to date, the Grape Ape can take quite a bit of heat before flavor degradation begins to occur. While it can take just a bit more than this, I’m partial to vaping it at 5.4 volts on a 3 OHM atomizer generating a total wattage just a touch over 9.5 watts, a well-balanced flavor profile, a phenomenal throat hit for any juice, let alone for such a fruity vape, and a lavish cloud of sweet fruity vapor.