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Indigo Vapor Mint Choco Fusion Review


Indigo has an immaculate record on the website, and a sterling reputation for quality juice.

To date, I’ve reviewed two of their tobacco flavors, Captain Ron and The Duke (both of which received perfect scores), and a handful of their other more fruit forward flavors, but this was the first juice of theirs that I’ve reviewed that fell so squarely in the dessert category.

When I first received the Mint Choco Fusion, as a firm believer that no single vendor can do everything well, I thought that possibly, this juice could reveal a small chink in their armor. Instead, what I found was another example of a skillfully blended, perfectly balanced blend of rich, creamy chocolate that is stunningly realistic in it’s complexity and composition, without so much as a hint of the commonly utilized artificial chocolate flavor I associate with things like chocolate flavored lollipops and hard candies. With the addition of a crisp, cold, sweet mint flavor slicing through the soft, milky chocolate, the overall profile of the juice is full bodied and extraordinarily well-balanced, with a good ratio of creamy chocolate to sweet mint, redolent of an Andes chocolate mint but exponentially more potent and flavorful.

I could continue to wax poetically about this juice, but really there’s no reason to do so. If you like the creamy and vibrant combination of chocolate and mint, do yourself a favor and try Indigo’s take on the classic. One word of caution, this juice is not quite as impervious to heat as some of their other flavors are.

I preferred it at 4.9v on a 2.5Ω atomizer,which produces just over 9.5 watts to bring out the best balance of chocolate to mint, while yielding a spectacular throat hit, and Indigo’s trademark plumes of thick, dense vapor.