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Indigo Vapor ICICLES Review


This is another juice from Indigo Vapor, one of the latest vendors to enter the Gourmet juice market. Their first juice, Captain Ron, made a powerful impression on me, receiving a perfect score, and I was hoping for more of the same with this one.

The ICICLES is their signature fruit blend with the addition of a cool ice flavor. The fruity side of the juice is a very nice blend with lush notes of honeydew and watermelon accompanied by a nice note of acidity and some additional flavors that I’m having a hard time putting my finger on. I’m picking up something like a peach or apricot undertone in the background, but the fruits all come together seamlessly, giving the juice a flavor profile all its own, rather than one that can easily be broken down into its base components.

The finish is rich, with strong notes of sweet, earthy honey that, counter-intuitively, does not take this already sweet juice over the edge, instead of lending it a bit more character and body than a more straightforward fruit would have. The honey also serves to bring out the deeper, darker aspects of the fruit flavors making this one less bright than you might expect from a traditional fruit mix. The additional component of ice plays very well with the other flavors and while it’s not the most powerful piece of this flavor puzzle, it does begin to balance well with the other flavors and lends a cool, refreshing mouthfeel on the finish as you approach the sweet spot around 8 2/3 watts or 5.1V on a 3Ω atomizer.

If you prefer to vape with a little less heat, it’s still mighty tasty between 7 and 8 watts (4.6-4.9V), but until you get it up above that range, the ice remains a relatively minor player in the profile.

Once you hit that sweet spot, just above 5 volts (with a 3Ω atomizer), the ice starts to pop, and at that wattage, the juice puts out tremendous amounts of vapor with a very nice throat hit to boot.