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Halo CoolMist Review


Halo has a reputation for producing both delicate tobacco flavors and a highly respected line of menthols. I’ve already had an opportunity to sample and review their Kringle’s Kurse, a sweet peppermint candy cane like flavor, and their Menthol Ice a very brisk, cool menthol flavor.

Both received excellent scores, and while the CoolMist is a bit different from both of those, it is no less enjoyable. CoolMist lies on the opposite side of the menthol spectrum from Menthol Ice with a milder, more original flavor profile that comes off exceedingly clean with soft minty highlights. The big payoff from the less strong menthol profile is the ability to see just how clean tasting the base that Halo is starting from really is. With no off flavors or lingering aftertaste, the base (PG/VG), nicotine, and menthol are all staggeringly pure, resulting in an untarnished profile that is crisp and bright, without the abundant blast of arctic chill that the Menthol Ice delivers.

Make no mistake, this is a high-quality menthol, and it does leave that cool tingling in your mouth like any menthol e-liquid, it’s just meant to be a milder menthol, with the cooling effect lasting for only a few breaths, rather than a few minutes.

The juice has a very light sweetness to it that nicely compliments the light mint of the menthol, but other than that, this is an exercise in simplicity at it’s finest. The same simplicity allows for a variety of intensities depending on just how hot you prefer to vape it at, but even at very high wattage, it’s not going to be as extreme as the Menthol Ice.

I preferred it just a bit over 9 watts or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which produces a solid menthol flavor, slightly above average throat hit, and a very nice cloud of vapor.

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