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Ahlusion Coco-Berry Cream Review


After some of the tastiest juice, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, to say I was looking forward to getting my wick wet with a little more of Ahlusion’s e-liquid would be a vast understatement.

I had reviewed a couple of their flavors shortly after the website was launched and began a series of new Ahlusion reviews with their Pineapple USD Cake a little while back, another rock solid performer.

So when I reached for the bottle of Coco-Berry Cream, I had some pretty high expectations, and while this is a mighty tasty juice, it’s not quite what I was expecting.

The Coco-Berry Cream is good, very good, mouth-wateringly delicious even, but I have one small qualm with this juice that we’ll get to in just a moment, but first here’s what to expect from the Coco-Berry Cream. By far, the most dominant flavor in the profile is strawberry. I didn’t have even a moment’s doubt as to whether Ahlusion would be able to overcome the acrid, bitter, medicinal flavor that can sometimes accompany strawberry flavors, of course, they can, and of course they did. The strawberry is remarkably clean with a sweet jam like flavor that hangs on the tongue from the front side of the vape through the sweet finish.

It’s juicy, intensely sweet, and downright yummy. That being said, the other flavors just don’t present with the same intensity as the strawberry. There is a good dose of cream in the blend which is the prominent supporting player in the profile, and while it adds a rich, thick mouthfeel to the vape, it doesn’t bring along an abundance of flavor. What I find lacking in the mix (and this one should probably be chocked up to expectations more than anything else), is the coconut, the reason I chose to purchase this juice in the first place. I know it’s one of those flavors that folks tend to love or hate with very little room in the middle, but I happen to be one of those who adore a delicious, creamy coconut, particularly when the promise of roasting said coconut is brought up, hence my disappointment.

Try as I might, and believe me, I tried, (with both my standard reviewing rig, Provari, 2.5Ω atty, and then with a sub-ohm coiled RBA with a mech mod), I just can’t manage to eke out more than a mild toasted coconut flavor on the back end and finish. All that being said, my issue here is more with the name of this juice than the contents that lie within.

If the label on this bottle had simply read ‘Strawberries and Cream’ I’d be writing a very different review, but as it stands, I feel like I’m missing out on the part I was most looking forward to. So, while the scoring on this review will be good, rather than great, the juice is still phenomenally delicious, just don’t expect an overwhelming coconut note as I had been, it’s there, but it’s a bit underwhelming.

I had this juice all over the normal vaping wattage spectrum in an attempt to bring out a bit more of the toasted coconut, but I finally settled into the sweet spot at a relatively brisk 8.5 watts or 4.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which yields an intense, delicious, slightly creamy strawberry, a moderate throat hit, and a sizable cloud of vapor.

The juice also had no issues with a less conventional, higher wattage rig. I ran it through the Nemesis/Nimbus (.6Ω) and had no flavor degradation from the increased heat.