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Velvet cloud Summer Sweet Review


Here’s another one from Velvet Cloud Vapor. This one is called Summer Sweet . Here’s what they say about it:

Can you bottle the taste of lounging in a rocking chair on a balmy summer day? We gave it the old college try with Summer Sweet, a refreshing mix of lemon, raspberry, watermelon, and sweet tea.

I’ve got this one at 12mg.

First Impressions

I was really impressed with the first juice I tried from VCV, Blue Beard Tobacco, although it did wear on me after a while. Nevertheless, I was pretty stoked to try out this Summer Sweet flavored vape. It is a rich, dark brown color and smells kind of fresh juice in the bottle.

When I tasted it, I was actually surprised by how laid back the flavor is compared to the last juice I tried from them. With a flavor like candy bar, I was expecting an explosion of rich sweetness. This vape really is not like that at all.

Probably the thing I taste the most is the nougat, oddly enough. The nut flavor is more of an undertone, and I don’t really feel a strong chocolaty presence in this vape, although it does have kind of a chocolate “aura” to it. Definitely not what I was expecting.

I actually didn’t like it much at all at first, but I’ve been vaping it all day and it is kind of growing on me. The flavor is so subtle that it doesn’t get tiresome to vape it, and the more I vape it, the more flavors start to creep out.

At 12mg, it hits pretty well, but I probably would go for this one at 18mg if I were to order it again.

After a two of the highest rated 100% VG juices I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, I was downright giddy to get working on Velvet Cloud’s next review. The first juice I reviewed from VCV, their Harvest Berries, is fruity and bright with a hint of acidity and great depth of flavor.

Their second review, Mewlew’s Magic, was loaded with rich, decadent chocolatey cake, fudge and doughnut flavored goodness. While these juices were quite different in nature, they shared a common trait in that I was amazed at the amount of flavor that Velvet Cloud was able to squeeze into a pure VG base.

For their next review I opted for Velvet Cloud’s Summer Sweet , a blend of lemon, raspberry, watermelon, and sweet tea, a mix I knew would be difficult for any vendor to accomplish seamlessly, let alone a vendor that’s PG-free, but I dove in headfirst hoping for the best.

The front side of the vape is sweet, but lacks any distinct characteristics until the very end of the inhale where the soft, delicate chocolate flavor begins to emerge with a watermelon  undertone. Both of those flavors take on more definition through the exhale with an incredibly realistic berry becoming the dominant player and a juicey, fresh lemon smoothing out the well balanced profile.

As with almost any 100% VG juice, the profile doesn’t pop with the same big flavors that a PG/VG blend can yield. Instead, it’s a bit more mellow and subdued with a sublime, sweet watermelon, the juicy lemon flavor, and the rich, fresh mouthfeel that’s unique to a pure VG base. While it can handle a bit more wattage, I preferred to keep VCV’s Candy Bar just under 9 watts or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which provides ample opportunity for each flavor to present fully, as well as the soft throat hit and tremendous cloud of velvety vapor that only a 100% VG e-liquid can produce.