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Sqeeze Limeade E Juice Review


Imagine the refreshing feeling limes give to anything you add them to… keep that imagination alive as I give you my review about this summer refreshment called Limeade by Sqeeze.

I actually bumped across this blend as I was at a pool party with my friends. I literally had to ask the dude who was vaping this because I just can’t get enough of the scent and flavor it produces. As soon as I learned, I bought a bottle for myself. Two weeks down the line and my bottle is almost running out, because it is that good.

If you check its website, Limeade is dubbed as “a delicious summer refreshment.” It is made from tart limes that are squeezed freshly and are coated with sugar to craft the perfect balance of sweet and sour. You can buy this Sqeeze Premium E Liquid for as low as $19.99 (30 mL) and $24.99 (60 mL) at www.sqeezeliquids.com. This is worth the investment!

Taste-wise, I think it makes sense to say that lime is its biggest flavor component. It tastes like a lime candy flavor with plenty of sweetness and a hint of sour. What can be better than that? The lime ultimately makes this flavor an ultimate go-to vape. It is a perfect all-day vape and is absolutely delicious. I bet I can vape this for days without even stopping.

This lime vape is good regardless if the vapor is cool or warm. There is actually some freedom on how you want this e-juice to be. If you want to get more of the candy flavor, then go for the cool vape. But if you want to delve in deeper and get a purer taste of lime, I suggest you warm the e-juice up with more wattage and use lower resistance coils.

Since I love limes, I enjoyed vaping this using my Smok Alien 220W mod kit. But if you really love to get the maximum flavor, I suggest you vape this from an RDA. In case you’re wondering, this e-juice fairly did a pretty good job on maintaining its flavor despite the wattage. No burnt taste or anything. Also, this is not a cotton or coil killer, which is a definite plus point for me.

This e-juice is a total cloud galore. It gives off huge clouds with every molecule oozing a sweet lime candy. This blows considerable amount of massive and dense clouds. The aroma it produces is oh-so lovely. From the instance you open the lid off the bottle to the moment you are actually vaping it, you can really expect the mouth-watering smell of sugar coated lime.

Although Sqeeze does not reveal the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of this e-juice, this baby is smooth to vape and does not feel harsh on the throat. It is a perfect example of a well-balanced sweet and sour flavor.

By the way, if you buy a bottle of this and you think the flavor is not as what as you expected, try steeping this for some time. Usually, I steep my e-juices for at least a day just to make sure the ingredients are properly mixed and I can get the optimum flavor it can offer. Of note, not all e-juices need steeping, some are already pre-steeped, allowing you to go straight right to vaping.

This e-juice is available in three different nicotine concentration levels. If you want to experience the strongest hit this product can offer, then go for the 6 mg of nicotine version. As for vapers who are still new to vaping or for average users, I always recommend the 3 mg of nicotine version. Lastly, grab the 0 mg of nicotine version if you want a nicotine-free juice.

Sqeeze has fairly proven itself to be good at making premium e-liquids. All its three flavors, namely, Strawberry Lemonade, Limeade, and Berryade, are just few of the best available on the market. Flavor is spot on and delicious. Clouds and vapor production is incredible. It always offers a unique twist of fruity flavors with a refreshing taste of sweetness. To snatch a good deal, make sure to buy Sqeeze vape juice online.

Overall, this is a straight up sweet lime with a hint of sour sugar. I love the perfect balance and it’s excellent! I highly recommend this.