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Cheap E-Juice Sour Strawberry Flavor Review


With an ambrosial scent plus luscious, sweet flavor, it is no wonder why strawberries are grown and loved by many people. When I was a kid, I always associate strawberry with sweetness. This is until I started loving candies and tried almost everything I see in candy shops including sour strawberry belts, which are unarguably my favorite even up to now.

Recently, I found a vape juice that reminds me of that same flavor — the Sour Strawberry blend by Cheap E-Juices. Honestly, I was so excited to give this a try because the belts have become my standard. Let’s see if this gets an A+ mark.

“Sour Strawberry by Cheap eJuice is a sour strawberry flavored e-juice that is absolutely satisfying and tastes like no other sour strawberry you have had before.”

I received in the mail eliquid that was in in a 120-mL chubby gorilla bottle. I easily took notice of the child-resistant cap, which is very important to me, and the easy pour narrow dripping tip to facilitate a mess-free transfer of the juice.

The bottle design was more of a minimalistic approach, making it look straightforward and easy to understand. The front portion displays the vertically printed brand name “Cheap Ejuice”. It occupies at least half of the area so you will definitely not miss it. Then just below it, you can find the logo, the flavor, and the content size. Other information like the usual warnings and nicotine concentration level are found on the sides. The consistency of the juice itself is fantastic. It is not too sticky or runny.

Remember when they say first impressions last? After admiring the packaging, I was definitely blown when I opened the bottle. Oh boy! The scent of strawberries filling in the air is just so mouth-watering. You can’t just stop thinking about fresh strawberries once you smell this.

Every puff allows me to savor the delicious taste of strawberries on the inhale. Then on the exhale, you will notice a mixture of the strawberry taste with bold sour flavor notes. Impressively, there is an equal balance of sweet and sour in there, and I am giving that a two thumbs up. Flavor is on point and really delicious.

The Sour Strawberry blend by Cheap Ejuice has a ratio of 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. Although it is a bit lower than the rest of Cheap’s lineup, its clouds are still pretty competitive; huge and dense clouds that do not easily disappear.

Another thing to love about this baby is that it does not gunk up your coil or cotton easily. Even after 24 hours of dripping and vaping, my coil and cotton are all good. When vaped, this e-juice runs smoothly and pleasantly in the throat without causing any irritation or the like. This is undeniably a good all-day vape.

This Sour Strawberry e-liquid by Cheap Ejuices comes in two nicotine strengths. The 3 mg of nicotine version is commonly recommended for drippers with rebuildable atomizers such as RDAs or RBAs, as well as vapers with more advanced sub-ohm tank systems. The 6 mg of nicotine, on the other hand, is suitable for current moderate or light vapers. For newbies, I always recommend to start at the lowest. You can gradually increase your nicotine strength if you find the previous one lackluster. This is also helpful as nicotine content on some e-juice brands are stronger than others. Also, the absorption rate depends on your mod set-up or mod settings.

Overall, the Sour Strawberry e-liquid from Cheap eJuices is the bomb. Without a doubt, this hits all aspects of a good “premium” juice, but at a cheaper price. It gives off a tasty and satisfying flavor that will leave you craving for more.

Here’s the most interesting part about this e-juice: the 120-mL bottle only costs $12.99. You surely can’t beat the quality you will get at this price. I have tried other brands with this same flavor but prices  were more than double. I have also tasted e-juices that fall in this same price range, but the quality is exceedingly poor. The Sour Strawberry blend sure knows how to give an ultimate vaping experience with an ultimate price deal.

If you want to explore more vape juices like this, visit Cheap E-Juice’s Sour Flavors collection. For sour-flavored lovers, the Sour Apple and Sour Watermelon are waiting for you!