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Mango Grape Vape Juice by Bangsawan Review


Bangsawan is a Malaysian ejuice manufacturer that specializes in making mixed-fruits e-liquids. The company has a range of products on the market that are premium-quality and highly appreciated by vapers. All its products are the results of meticulous research to find the best ingredients to combine for a fantastic taste and vaping experience.

Mango Grape as the name suggests, is the result of the combination of mango and grapes. This ejuice is widely popular among vapers who like fruit-flavored e-liquids, particularly those who appreciate the nice flavors of mangoes and grapes.

A Fantastic Flavor

Mango Grape ejuice give vapors all the juiciness and creamy-like flavor of mangoes layered with hints of sweet and tangy flavors of grapes. Bangsawan uses both red and white grapes in the blend. When you vape, you will find that the sweetness is not overpowering. You obtain the sweetness of fruits as nature intended. As you inhale and exhale, there is a slight hint of mint that refreshes your mouth and throat. The entire experience is mouth watering.

VG/PG Levels

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Mango Grape is either 50/50 or 70/30 Bangsawan conduct careful studies to find the best ratio in accordance with flavor vaping experience and equipment. These particular ratios do not present issues for vaping or dripping because the ejuice has a medium thickness level to it.

A balanced VG/PG ratio has many advantages that vapers appreciate. The rate allows them to use any type of e-cig. Its perfect if you are sub-ohm vaping and does not gunk coils easily. The distribution of elements is perfect. There is a nice balance between cloud production and flavor. Vapers appreciate the mild throat hit and abundant cloud production.

Some vapers prefer a slightly higher VG level. Higher VG levels give very good cloud production. It is perfect for vapers seeking to blow huge clouds. The clouds have a nice thickness and take a while before dissipating into the air. The higher VG also accounts for a smooth throat hit which is perfect for both newbies and experienced vapers who want to get the full thrill of vaping without too much of a throat hit.

Nicotine Level

The nicotine strength is quite low and the throat hit mild. You can choose between 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg. These levels are associated with mild levels of nicotine strengths. They give vapers a fantastic vaping experience and a very good appreciation of flavors without too much of a throat hit. The sensation feels smooth and nice. The nice cool effect is not too pronounced, hence, you delight more in the flavor and vaping experience.


The bottle of Mango Grape has a nice pink color. It is made of plastic and is secured with a childproof safety cap. All information regarding VG/PG, nicotine strength can be found along with Bangsawan trademark. The bottles have 65 ml capacity.


Bangsawan products have very competitive prices and are regarded as great value for money. These are premium-quality vape juice. For just $10.99 USD, you have a 65 ml bottle. For vapers who are a bit economical, that’s great for making some savings on ejuice. It’s a lot because usually at that price, you find bottles with less juice. If you are a wholesaler and purchase more than 100 bottles, wholesale prices apply. You can also gather points as a loyal customer and redeem them on your next purchase.


Bangsawan other mixed-fruit vape juice currently on the markets include Honeydew Pineapple, Apple Grape, Strawberry Blackcurrant, and Strawberry Apple. They all have unique flavor worth discovering. Mango Grape stands out as one of the best mixed-fruit vape juice on the market. The taste and the vaping experience is fantastic.

Bangsawan uses only natural ingredients to produce all of its products. The latest technology and brewing methods are used. The company’s name means ‘nobility’. The company chose that particular name to reflect its vision of an ejuice. For Bangsawan, all eliquids are sublime. They have to reflect high-quality and provide the vapers with a delicious flavor and a fantastic vaping experience. Vapers who seek to experiment with new flavors will find that Bangsawan Mango Grape is delightful. There is a freshness and a nice cool sensation that is just overwhelming.