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Naked 100 Menthol 3 Pack Bundle Review


There are actually two kinds of vapers in the world; those who love menthol and those who don’t. However, the well-known brand Naked 100 introduced its menthol lineup to demonstrate its mastery of crafting fruit flavors with a cool hit of menthol. Regardless if you love mentholated eliquids or not, the brand’s new collection is a definite treat for your taste buds. What’s more, they will soothe down your throat in a way that you have never experienced before. But here’s the real good news: why take just one bottle when you can get all three flavors in a bundle? I suggest you get the Naked 100 Menthol 3 Pack Bundle and get a chance to experience everything Naked 100 has to boast while at the same time saving a lot of bucks. Ready? Check out the included flavors below.

Brain Freeze

“Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Menthol consists of a menthol blend with strawberry, kiwi tartness, and red pomegranates with a refreshing finish.”

This vape juice is a good example of how opposites attract. Now, who in this world would have thought that the contrasting flavors of kiwi and pomegranate would turn out to be this good? On the inhale, your taste buds will enjoy the summery fruit flavors of strawberry and tangy kiwi. Then while you are starting to enjoy this tropical blend, a smooth taste of ice cold menthol starts to reveal itself. And on the way out, the sweet taste of some fresh and delicious pomegranates will surprise you. Its flavor is not only brain-freezing but mind-blowing! Wondering how nice this is? Well, with continuous use, this has turned out to be one of my favorite mentholated ejuices. Actually, I was really hooked into this because of its unique fruit medley. Just try this for yourself to see what I am talking about.

Frost Bite

“Frost Bite by Naked 100 Menthol is a menthol blend mixing refreshing pineapple, sweet honeydew, and juicy cantaloupe with a refreshing finish.”

If you love fruit salads like me, then this should be your go-to. On the inhale, Frost Bite will bring in the tantalizing flavors of pineapple and sweet cantaloupe. While enjoying this already delicious combination, notes of icy cool menthol start to blend in. Then just before the vape reaches its way out, your taste buds will get excited again as a fresh honeydew flavor turns this vape juice into an even more awesome treat.

Very Cool

“Very Cool by Naked 100 Menthol is a menthol blend of fresh blueberry, ripe blackberry, and sweet raspberry with a refreshing finish.”

As its name implies, this vape juice is packed with awesome blends of coolness. It brings juicy tropical goodness straight to your menthol vape. Very Cool will surely please ejuice connoisseurs as it combines honey-drizzled blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries altogether. The mixed berries flavor is very prominent on the inhale, and somewhere inside, the refreshing menthol flavor starts to kick in to give that berry cool freshness. See what I did there? But seriously though, the exhale demonstrates the mixture of all the berries plus the menthol through and through.

All the mentholated vape juices included in the Naked 100 Menthol bundle are a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Since these are menthol-based flavors, there is definitely an ice-kick hit added to the throat hit. However, don’t worry, it still runs nice and smooth on the throat. In fact, I even like that menthol twist. It cools down your throat and senses. As for the clouds, these babies do not disappoint. Clouds are huge and fluffy, and they tend to linger for a time in the air.

Naked 100 offers all its menthol-based vape liquids in three nicotine strengths. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. As I mentioned earlier, the throat hit is not only good but also icy cool. And I mean that in a good way. And regardless of the concentration levels, the flavors are still full-bodied.

The Naked 100 Menthol 3 Pack Bundle contains three 60-mL bottles of Brain Freeze, Frost Bite, and Very Cool. Save more cash by buying this pack at ultimatevapedeals.com for as low as $39.99 only. On other websites, the bundle’s price tag sometimes reaches 60 bucks. So, there you go. I hope you will enjoy these bottles until the last drop. Happy vaping people!