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Custard Craze E-Liquid By Treat Factory Review


Custard Craze is a new addition to the Treat Factory e-liquid series. It has a nice toned-down custard flavor blended with pastry. This is a very satisfying vape juice that every flavor chaser needs to try. You will be delighted with the creaminess and the sweetness of this e-liquid. It is delicious and satisfying. You can surely make this an all day vape.

Treat Factory has four different e-juice flavors which are blended to give vapers a real delight. Initially, there was Jaw Dropper (which offers the delicious vape of watermelon), and Kookie Krunch (which gives you a chocolate chip cookie flavor). The two recent additions are Lemon Glaze (a pastry lemon delight), and Custard Craze. You can mix these e-liquids to create a new flavor. Custard Craze is a great candidate for mixing with Lemon Glaze. You will get a fantastic flavor.

Flavor Description

When vaping Custard Craze by Treat Factory, you get a very delicious vanilla custard flavor on the inhale. You may also get hints of butterscotch caramel. The flavor of a pie crust is very light. The vape juice has a slight tartness to it which complements the sweet flavor. This is a perfect custard vape juice. The flavor of vanilla custard is consistent throughout the vape and at the end you get a little crust pastry flavor. Occasionally, instead of getting a custard flavor, you get something like a vanilla pudding. The vape juice is somewhat on the sweet side. It is smooth on the inhale and exhale.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Custard Craze by Treat Factory is 70/30. You get very good cloud production from this e-liquid. The clouds are thick and milky white/ However, they dissipate somewhat quickly at 75 Watts. Maybe at a higher wattage, the cloud production may be more consistent, but you do get abundant vapor.

The e-juice is nice and clear. It has medium level thickness level. You can vape it using a tank or a dripper without any issue. I prefer to use a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

I don’t think there is any need to steep this e-juice, but if you feel like steeping it, go ahead! Steeping always improves the taste.

Nicotine Strength

The options for nicotine strength that you have when buying Custard Craze are 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg. This e-juice has a very mild throat hits. The vape is smooth on the throat. You will not feel any throat discomfort when vaping it.


Custard Craze by Treat Factory comes in a 100-ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle which has a childproof safety cap. The bottle is packed in a simple cardboard box which has the same design and information that you will find on the label. This includes Treat Factory’s logo, the brand name, the product name, the bottle capacity, and nicotine strength. The VG/PG ratio of this e-liquid is not indicated on the bottle. You have to look it up on the website.

The box features the usual warnings, the ingredients, and a barcode. The bottle is made of plastic, and ou should have no issues using it to fill a tank or drip on coils.


Custard Craze is currently on sale at Vape Deal. You can get a 100ml bottle of this e-juice for only $13.95. The offer is for a limited period. This is more than 60% off the original price of the e-liquid.  After the sale ends, the original price of £34.99 applies.

Vape Deal offers some of the best prices on the market. Paying $34.99 for a 100-ml bottle of e-juice is a real steal. You can also buy other Treat Factory’s e-liquids at this store. Apart from e-liquids, Vape Deal also sells vaping hardware and accessories.


Custard Craze is a sweet and warm vape that delights the taste buds. The flavor is simple and bold. It is a nice dessert vape to relish any time you desire something sweet and creamy.  This is the type of e-liquid that can be an all-day vape if you like sweet, creamy custards.

Treat Factory is a brand spin-off of Air Factory. The company has another brand called Frost Factory which offers vapers a cool vape.