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Aspire Cleito Coil Review


The Cleito coil is made specifically for the Aspire Cleito tank. It is designed to give you maximum flavor and massive cloud production. The Aspire Cleito coil comes in a pack of five which ensures you have extra coils for use when necessary. The Aspire Cleito, on average, lasts for four days with heavy usage – especially if you are changing your e-liquid flavor.

Aspire Cleito Coil Specifications

  • 4 ohms resistance
  • New unique coil design
  • Recommended wattage range is 40 watts and 60 watts
  • Dual coil design
  • Claptonized Kanthal coil

About The Aspire Cleito Coil 5-pack

The pack of five Aspire Cleito Coils comes in a simple black cardboard box that has the image of the coil on the front. There is a scratch panel that allows you to verify the authenticity of the product at the Aspire site.

The Aspire Cleito Coils is designed for sub ohm vaping and can only be used with the Cleito Tank, the Cleito EXO, but not the Cleito 120 tank. The coil is made of stainless steel. To install it in the tank, you’ll have to unscrew the top cap, then take off the glass cylinder and screw in the coil.  Everything comes apart very easily.

The Aspire Cleito Coil has a really wide diameter, and it comes with cotton wicking material. It’s also somewhat bigger than many other coils. The resistance of the coil is 0.4 ohms, and the recommended wattage range is 40 to 60 watts. There are four holes on the side to allow the wicks to soak up the e-juice properly.

The Aspire Cleito is a Clapton Kanthal Coil. There are two layers of wicking; an outer layer and an inner layer. It is best to prime the coil before you use it for the first time by putting a few drops of e-juice on the wick through the juice feed holes.


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It’s always best to have extra coils. If you vape regularly, then you’ll need to replace your coils at least once in a week or whenever you want to try a new e-juice flavor. The Aspire Cleito 5-pack replacement coil is quite affordable, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have some extra coils ready for use.

Aspire is a well-known company in the vaping world. The company has some high-tech devices that continue to be highly rated. Aspire is based in Los Angeles, California. The Aspire Cleito Coil comes in two versions; one has a resistance of 0.2 ohms, and the other has a resistance of 0.4 ohms.

The coil offers excellent performance. It gives you rich flavor and loads of clouds. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vaper, you will have no issues using this coil.