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Beginner’s Guide to Sub Ohm Coils


When you are new to electric cigarettes (e-cigs) and vaping, you will encounter many terminologies. You will settle with those confusing words. A single word could mean plenty of different things. Today let us discuss the vape coils, their definition, and how to use them properly.  

What is a Coil? 

E-cig coils are the most important parts in an e-cigarette. Coils are responsible for heating up the vape juice in your e-cig and converting it into vapor. The terms “vape coil” pertains to the wire surrounded in a spiral shape all over the wicking material of your e-cig. Then you fit this setup in the atomizer head of the e-cig. The positive part of your battery connects to the negative part through the coil.  

When you use your e-cig, soak the wick in the e-liquid, turn on the battery, and heat up the coil. In the wick, the e-liquid vaporizers into vapor using the coil. You will breathe in the vapor because of the clearomizer or the tank chimney. This is where the vapor goes up. You make the wire for coils through a few different materials. These materials are heat-resistant, conductive, and mostly made of stainless steel.  

Expert vapers are usually using mod kits for sub ohm vaping. At times, they create their own coil setups. They purchase the wick material they prefer and distinctive alloy wires. Following this, they allot their time in winding the coil wire and secure it tightly. They fit the wire into their e-cig kit using their bare hands. Then they place the wicking material at the center of the coil. Other vapers don’t want to undergo this rigorous work, so they buy the ready-made coils. 

What are Atomizer Heads? 

Coils are atomizer heads. You can replace its parts such as the coil, the wick, and the casing. You can see them at the bottom of your sub ohm tank. They are designed to let the wick retain the vape juice when you leave it standing or when you use it. 

It is safe to buy a pack of atomizer coils as a replacement. This will guarantee your e-cig will function well. If you will remove the old coil (this means the casing, the wick, and the coil), you twist it and replace it with another new coil. 

There are many various configurations of the vape coils. These include single coil, dual coil, quad-curl, and many more. A single coil contains one coil wire and one wick. It consumes less battery control. Advanced vapers find this kind of coil easy to work with their mod kits. Meanwhile, the dual coil comes with two wire coils and two wicks that heat the vape juice together. This kind of coil produces bigger clouds and provides more intense flavor. Traditional vapers find this not a big factor. Vapers of sub ohm vaping put this kind of coil into consideration. 

What are Ohms? 

“Ohm” specifies your atomizer coil. This is a part of an electrical resistance if you use the coil wire. Use a vape wattage chart to guide you. Regardless of the size, vape coils have a range of 2.4 to 2.8 ohms. If you choose the ones with low ohm, they produce more vapor and flavors. The casing uses more vape juice and consumes more battery control than the ones with high ohms. The coils with high ohms provide less vapor and spend less battery power and e-liquids. 

Advanced vapers appreciate sub ohm vaping. They use a coil with lower than 1.0 ohm resistance. Sub ohm vaping gives massive vape clouds and amazing flavor hits. All you need are a certain mod or battery with low ohm coils like sub ohm vape mods and sub ohm tanks. To know more about sub ohm vaping and ohms, visit the official website of WOTOFO