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Uwell Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank Review


Uwell made waves with the release of the original Crown sub-ohm tank, and the company has been working to improve it with new releases. The latest sub-ohm tank in the Uwell Crown series is the Uwell Crown 4. Uwell has a reputation for making great coils, and the Uwell Crown 4 coils are no different.

The Uwell Crown 4 sub-ohm tank is made of stainless steel, and it feels very durable. The tank has a diameter of 25mm at its base. The kit includes two glass tank sections. One is normal straight glass, and the other is a bubble glass. When you install the normal glass, the tank can hold 5ml of e-juice while the capacity increases to 6ml with the bubble glass. The Crown 4 has a top filling design. You need to unscrew the top cap off to reveal four refill holes.

On top of the Uwell Crown 4 is a 510 drip tip. The package includes a silicone sleeve for the drip tip so you can cover it and avoid feeling any heat on your lips when the device gets hot. You can fit any standard 510 drip tip on the Crown 4. At the lower section of this Uwell sub-ohm tank, there are three airflow ports, and each one measures about 11mm wide. It is easy to control the airflow by turning the ring at the base of the device.

Uwell provided four different coils for the Crown 4 tank. The device comes with just two coils – a 0.4ohm 904L stainless steel coil and a 0.2ohm 904L stainless steel coil. Now, you may be raising an eyebrow because the chances are that you have not heard about 904L stainless steel. Well, this is a type of high-grade stainless steel that is known to be resistant to corrosion. This means that it will last for a long time before you start getting any weird taste. According to Uwell, the coils come with self-cleaning technology and a pro-flavor optimization core system.

The 0.4 ohm coil is rated for vaping at around 60W to 70W while the 0.2 ohm coil is rated for vaping at 70W to 80W. You can get a pack of four replacement coils for this device at VRPro City online store for only $12.95.

Apart from these two coils, Uwell also provided a 0.25 ohm 304 stainless steel coil (55W to 65W) and a 0.23 ohm Kanthal coil (60W to 70W).

The Uwell Crown 4 coils have a threadless design. You need to remove the bottom section and pull it out to remove it or pop it in to fix it. The process takes some getting used to, but it is very convenient. The Crown 4 is leakproof, and it performs well. The vapor production of this tank is exceptional. The flavor that you get from the coils is rich. However, over time, the flavor tends to weaken a little – unless other Uwell coils. With that said, this is another solid device from this company. Uwell is reportedly working on mesh coils for the Crown 4 which will be released soon.

You can get the Uwell Crown 4 sub-ohm tank from http://vrpocity.com for $19.95.