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Juul Starter Kit Review


The Juul Starter Kit is arguably the most popular pod vaping device on the market. It has emerged as the number one device for people who are trying to switch from smoking to vaping. The Juul Starter Kit stands out for its simplicity. The device was designed for people new to vaping. It works with non-refillable pods so you do not have to fill your tank. Also, it is draw-activated and does not come with any buttons. This means you do not have to worry about changing the settings of the device or anything like that.

The Juul Starter Kit is very portable. It measures 95mm by 14mm by 7mm and weighs just 14g (with the pod installed). The device is so small that you can easily put it in your pocket or bag.

The Juul Starter Kit was created for beginners. As indicated above, there are no buttons on the device.

This Juul has a 450mAh battery. The battery can last you for several hours or even a whole day depending on how frequent you are vaping. You can get 200 puffs from the battery before you’ll need to recharge. It takes about 25 minutes for the battery to be fully charged when it is empty. The Juul comes with a magnetic USB charger. The device does not support pass-through so you cannot vape while it is charging.

There is an LED light on the device which indicates the battery life. Simply tap on the device twice or take a puff and the LED light will come on. The light shows green when the battery strength is full or nearly full. It shows yellow when the battery is about half empty and red when it is almost empty.

As indicated above, the Juul works with non-refillable pods. Each pod can hold 0.7ml of e-juice and contains 50mg of nicotine. There are 8 different flavor pods for the Juul namely Mango, Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Cool Cucumber, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee, and Classic Tobacco. You will find other pods on the market that are compatible with this device. The Juul Starter Kit includes two pods (Virginia Tobacco and Cool Mint). A pack of 4 pods is going for just $15.99 at the Ejuice Deals online store. Juul vape liquids are filled with premium e-liquids. The vape juice flavors do not taste artificial in any way.

The Juul Starter Kit also has automatic internal temperature regulation so you do not get burnt hits and the device does not overheat.

The Juul Starter Kit is priced at around $64.99 at most vape shops. However, you can get it for only $39.99 from ejuice.deals. Ejuice Deals is the number one place to get your vaping supplies. You will find a huge collection of e-liquids as well as vaping devices and accessories at this online shop.