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TWST Pod Device Review


Twist E-Liquids is one of the top brands in the industry. If you are a veteran vaper, the chances are that you’ve heard about this award-winning brand or even tried one of their e-liquids. With the growing demand for pod devices, Twist has thrown its hat into the scene with its TWST Pods and TWST Salt e-liquids. In this post, we’ll be looking at TWST Pods. These disposable devices were made for novice vapers. One of the reasons I love Twist Pods is that the flavor that you get from this device is pretty impressive. Also, there are many e-liquids to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at this device and highlight what makes it special.

TWST pods have a small and sleek design. It is so small that you can easily conceal it in the palm of your hand. You can also put it in your pocket or bag without any issues. You can use the TWST to vape discreetly in public because of its small size and the fact that it doesn’t produce loads of vapor clouds. The size of the TWST is similar to that of the Stig. The device has a plastic shell with carbon fiber pattern.

The TWST disposable pod comes with a 240mAh battery, which is not bad for a small disposable device. You can get up to 300 puffs from the pod system before the battery goes out. There is an LED light under the device which flashes blue when you take a puff. The LED does not serve as a battery life indicator.

The TWST pod is fitted with a 1ml pod. You cannot remove the pod from inside the device or access it. The pod comes with 50mg of nicotine salt. The pod lasts long. This device can last you for up to two days. I guess because of the high nicotine levels, you will not need to take a lot of puffs before you’re satisfied. The airflow of the TWST is very restricted. The tight draw is perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. You cannot adjust the airflow of the device. It is unclear what type of coil is in this pod system or its resistance. If I am to guess, I’d say it comes with a

The TWST pod device is leakproof. The flavor intensity of the device is pretty impressive. You will be blown away by the rich flavor that you get. As indicated above, there are many flavors to choose from when you buy the TWST. This includes Pink Punch Lemonade, Custard Tobacco, Cherry Twist, Berry Medley Lemonade, Cool Pineapple, Arctic Cool Mint, Cool Peach Blossom, First Flight, Mint, Honeydew, Multi Berry, Banana Oatmeal Cookie, Mango Ice, Lychee Ice, Caramel, Pomberry, Strawberry Crust, Sweet & Sour, Cool Pomberry, Fruit Punch, and Fruit Cocktail.

The vapor production of TWST pods is pretty weak. You will not get loads of thick clouds by any stretch. The vapor production is pretty poor, but that’s not what this device was made for. After all, it is unlikely that anyone would grab the TWST for vapor.

You can get the TWST pod device at the Smokly online store for just $7.90. Each pack comes with just one pod system.