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Aspire AVP Pod Kit Review


The Aspire AVP Pod Kit is a slim, lightweight and portable device that you can carry along all day long. This device is compact, but it has a large e-liquid capacity as well as long battery life. This pod kit produces a warm and dense vapor that is quite satisfying. There is no airflow control for the AVP pod kit by Aspire.  You can use this AVP in three different settings with just a few clicks on the button. With each click on the button, the wattage of the AVP will change Р8 Watts, 10 Watts & 12 Watts. If you are looking for a warmer vapor, you can vape it in a high green setting. Vape on the low red setting for a cooler vape. The wattage of the AVP remains consistent throughout. It does not change based on the battery charge level.

A single AVP pod can be used for more than 5 refills without compromising the quality of the flavor. There is no switch to turn on the AVP; it is draw-activated. This device is perfect for people who are new electronic cigarettes. The Aspire AVP has a 700mAh and comes with lots of protective features for a safe vaping experience. These safety features include automatic cutoff, short circuit protection, overcharge protection and overheat protection. There is an LED light on the device which shows the battery level. There is an on/off switch on the device so it will not automatically fire in your pocket or bag.

Aspire AVP Pod Kit comes in eight different colors – white, black, grey, purple, rainbow, orange, lime green, and red. The pod has 2ml capacity and is connected to the main body of the AVP with a magnet. The pod comes with a 1.2ohms resistance coil. The nichrome coil can heat the e-liquid effectively and produce large clouds without burning it. There is a spare pod with a 1.2ohms resistance coil included in the package. You can try AVP pods with preinstalled 1.3ohms resistance ceramic coils for a smoother vaping experience. AVP mesh coil with 0.6ohm resistance is another option for massive vapor and rich flavor.

The AVP pods are refillable and have a leak-free design. To refill, remove the magnetically connected pod from the main body then press the tip of the refill bottle into the spring-loaded leak-resistant valve at the bottom. AVP pods are compatible with almost all types of filling bottles. It is recommended that you wait for 5 mints after refilling to allow the e-juice saturate the cotton. You can charge the AVP via the USB port at the bottom of the device. The LED light flashes 20 times and remains off when the device is fully charged.

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