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Puff Bar Review: All You Need To Know The Puff Bar Disposable Vape Device

All You Need To Know The Puff Bar Disposable Vape Device

The Puff Bar continues to exceed expectations by raising the bar. This portable and straightforward vape device guarantees utter vape satisfaction. The Puff Bar disposable vape device is non-rechargeable and non-refillable, this takes away all of the usual complaints, difficulties, and sometimes, confusion associated with vaping especially for newbies. The Puff Bar disposable vape device is no doubt one of the most sought after products on the market today. Regardless of what type of vaper you are, so long as you crave strong and flavorful mouth-to-lung vaping, the Puff Bar disposable is ideal for you.

What is a Puff Bar?

The Puff Bar is a disposable all-in-one device. In terms of aesthetics, the Puff Bar comes in stunning colors depending on the flavor profile that you choose. The device has no obvious removable parts. The mouthpiece of the device is integrated into the device so it is not obvious. How you know the mouthpiece is a small arrow that points toward the side. It features two escape holes where you inhale the vapor from. The device measures 96mm x 6mm so it’s slim, small, and compact. You can carry it about where you go, pull it out, and enjoy a flavorful and strong hit.

All You Need To Know The Puff Bar Disposable Vape Device

The device uses a draw activated firing mechanism with no buttons whatsoever on the body, taking simplicity and ease of use to a whole new level. Even as a newbie, you will not have a hard time getting the hang of the Puff Bar disposable. 

Flavor and Vapor 

The device features medical-grade organic cotton wicking and 1.3ml of ejuice. It produce smooth throat hits and exceptional flavor. Just like every other electronic cigarette, the Puff Bar heats the liquid to produce a vapor. It is not a cloud beast, yet it is just right to still give you much satisfaction. The flavor lasts much longer than your average disposable vape device. There is an assortment of Puff Bar flavors for you to choose from. The Puff Bar disposable vape device is available in fruit flavors and menthol flavors which are sold individually. 

Nicotine Availability

The Puff Bar comes with two different nicotine concentrations: 20MG (2%) and 50MG (5%). The nicotine present in the Puff Bar is not your regular freebase nicotine. The Puff Bar disposable features a salt nicotine blend that allows you to take higher concentrations of nicotine and still get smooth throat hits. Its high nicotine concentration makes the Puff Bar ideal for transitioning vapers.

Even though the Puff Bar comes with 1.3ml of ejuice, you may not be able to go through it quite as fast. Every drag is loaded with a strong, smooth, and flowing throat so that if you are a transitioning smoker, you will hardly feel like you are missing out on the traditional cigarette experience.

All You Need To Know The Puff Bar Disposable Vape Device


The Puff Bar Disposable Vape device comes with a 280mAh inbuilt battery that is non-rechargeable. The device promises about 300 puffs from a full battery which is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. The battery is just enough to last you until the ejuice runs out. Once you have gone through your ejuice, you simply dispose of the device and get started on another one. As a plus, the Puff Bar disposable device features overeating and shortcircuit protection.


Reputable manufacturers like Atomic Dog Vapor makes it possible for just about every vaper to get a Puff Bar regardless of their location or budget. You can get a Puff Bar Disposable Vape device for as low as $4.99 at this store.


If you are a mouth-to-lung vaper with a knack for strong and flavorful throat hits, or if you are a transitioning vaper looking to kick the smoking habit for good, the Puff Bar disposable vape device may be the answer you are looking for.