Tips to clean your vape coils and tanks


    Coils don’t burn out as often as we think they do. In most cases, your heating coils may have simply gotten dirty. Dirty coils can happen or about half a dozen different reasons. When unbuilt pieces are let in the open, dust can build up on the coils which will stick and then burn the next time you install and heat them. Old e-liquid in a mostly-empty tank can congeal on the coils over time. But sugary e-liquid is the most notorious culprit. Below are some of the tips on how to clean a vape coil and tank.

    Wipe down each piece

    The first step is to remove any leftover e-liquid that is still clinging to your coil. Most of us do this without thinking as the little dribbles from the once-soaked piece get on our fingers. Use a paper towel or your first-hand towel to gently wipe down your coil, along with the other parts of your deconstructed tank. If you prefer, you can lightly damp a towel with water to help remove the oily e-liquid.

    If you have a rebuildable coil with wicks that can be removed, do so now. Clean your wicks well so that they can reabsorb a new favorite flavor in the future.

    Quick Swabbing

    Many people elect to give their coils a quick swabbing at the end of every day with a q-tip. This process takes only a few minutes, but it can help knock off any residue that built up during the day before it dries out and hardens. Allowing residue to stay on your coils for too long is what causes them to change colors and burn out in the end. All you have to do is use a q-tip with a tiny bit of water or alcohol on it to gently rub down your coils. If you are going to be switching flavors, you can also do this before you re-wick to make the switch.

    Clean your coils and tanks with hot water

    Remove all seals and o-rings, keeping thorough note of where they fit (take a few photos as you go), it is essential that you replace these just so, once your tank is clean. If you find these too difficult to remove, just ensure that when the heat is applied to your components later (hot water and blow dryer), your seals are kept intact.

    Place all tank components in a bowl of very hot but not boiling water and leave to soak until that water is room temperature.

    Remove from the water and, using a small pipe cleaning brush/toothbrush, hold the components under a fast running tap, and scrub off any stubborn residue that was left off it.

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