Smok V8 Baby-T8 Coils Review


    Since the inception of the vaping revolution, the industry at large has experienced unprecedented growth and advancement. The progress has been swift and radical, with game-changing innovations being introduced regularly. From mods and tanks to kits and e-liquids, the development of vaping products has been impressive indeed.

    Along with the Baby Beast came the Smok V8 Baby-T8 Coil Pack. These coils by Smok are the real deal. They come in a pack of 5 so it will last you a long while. The V8 Baby-T8 Coil Pack by Smok are octupole coils which means there are 8 coils in each one that delivers rich clouds full of amazing flavor. What that also means is that these coils do not burn out as fast compared to those that have one or two coils.

    These coils run from 50 to 110 watts but they work best in between the ranges of 60 and 80 watts. If you use the Baby Beast we highly recommended that you use the V8 Baby-T8 Coil Pack by Smok. They are the most premium top-shelf coils out for your Smok Baby Beast tank.

    These Smok coils are for sub-ohm vaping and should be paired with high VG e-liquids that are 60% VG or higher.

    Similar to the TFV8 Cloud Beast Coils, the Smok V8 Baby T8 coils feature a Stainless Steel build for a longer lifespan as well being compatible with Variable Wattage and Temperature Control mode, to suit your vaping style.

    How long does the coil last?

    Coils are very important to atomizers, and it is difficult to define the cycle in which you replace the coils. The life of the coil determines the cost of using the electronic cigarette. Most of the replacement coils’ prices are not too much. The Smok V8 Baby-T8 Coils need to be replaced within 1 to 3 weeks. This depends on how often you use it and the wattage you vape. Those who often use high power need to change the coil frequently.

    One of the most impactful advances in atomizer coil technology is undeniably attributed to Smok’s line of trailblazing coils. The TFV4, TFV8, TFV8 Baby, and TFV12 series have all been exceptionally widespread, and have taken the standards of vaping to new heights. Among the vast collection, the Smok V8 Baby-T8 Coils have been particularly popular, as they operate in conjunction with an array of groundbreaking tanks.

    As Smok’s revolutionary V8 Baby-T8 Coils rose to stardom, the company responded with numerous additions to the celebrated line. What started as a modest three-part collection has now blossomed into an extensive series of 8 distinct iterations, all with unique formations, resistances, and purposes.

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