Home E Cig Review Melon Ice Flavbar V1 Vape Device by FLAVBAR Review

Melon Ice Flavbar V1 Vape Device by FLAVBAR Review

Melon Ice Flavbar V1 Vape Device by FLAVBAR Review

The Flavbar is a small, ultraportable vape device that is no bigger than your palm. The device is particularly designed to suit transitioning smokers who still crave strong nicotine hits in addition to satisfyingly delicious ejuice flavors. Rather than spend money buying a pack of cigarettes that you would end up regretting, you can just go with a Flavbar.

With Flavbar, you get to enjoy sleek design and longer-lasting devices that will ensure you are always satisfied when you take a drag. With the Flavbar pre-filled disposable pod device, you can enjoy both the pleasures of an incredibly convenient vape device together with delicious and satisfying flavor. 

The Flavbar V1 disposable device comes with 10 exciting flavors: Lush Ice, Melon Ice, Peach Ice, Strawberry Banana, Cool Mint, Banana Ice, Lychee Ice, Strawberry, Grape, and Blue Razz. 

In addition to the Flavbar V1, the company Flavbar also has the Flavbar V2 pod device which is an upgrade to the original Flavbar V1 device.

FLAVBAR, the company behind both the V1 and V2 Flavbar disposables is an advanced company bringing together top quality flavorist, engineers, and designers to create these sophisticated alternatives ideal for mature smokers. As a plus, all of their items, both the ejuice flavors and the components that make up the device are made by the company to guarantee a level of quality and genuineness whenever you pick up any one of their devices. 

The Flavbar V1 Design

If you have used any disposable electronic cigarettes in the past, the Melon Ice Flavbar V1 should look somewhat similar. The Flavbar sports a widely used rectangular form factor. The device sports rounded sides that lend to its ergonomic feel. In addition to the rounded sides, the Flavbar V1 is also compact enough for you to easily slip it into the pocket of your jeans or coat and pull it out when you want to take a drag. 

Melon Ice Flavbar V1 Vape Device by FLAVBAR Review

The device is an all-in-one device with all of its components neatly housed inside of its chassis. The device is draw activated so there are no buttons whatsoever on its body. Rather than buttons, what you will find on the body of the Flavbar device are the “Flavbar” logo, the ejuice flavor name, the nicotine concentration, and a small arrow that points toward the side of the device where you will inhale the vaporized ejuice from. 

Since the Flavbar is draw activated, all you need to do is place the device in your mouth and take a drag. 

The device comes with a fully charged battery that is more than enough to carry you through the device’s 1.4ml ejuice tank. Together, they both can deliver up to 300 puffs which are equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. 

As a disposable device, the Flavbar uses both non-refillable ejuice pods, as well as non-rechargeable batteries. This is great because it means that you do not have to worry about maintenance, charging, or even refilling the device. However, in most disposable devices, this also tends to be a problem because the battery of the device tends to die out long before the ejuice is exhausted. This is no the case for the Flavbar V1. 

Flavor Profile

If you love a good fruity flavor, you will enjoy this rich blend of melons. On the inhale, your taste buds are rewarded with an uplifting burst of sweet melons flavor that takes you on a tropical journey to vape satisfaction. It does not just stop there, on the exhale, you are rewarded with icy cool undertones that balance out the rich melon flavor to give you a truly remarkable vape experience. 

Melon Ice Flavbar V1 Vape Device by FLAVBAR Review

Each Flavbar flavor comes preloaded with a proprietary 5% salt nicotine mixture that gives you strong yet smooth nicotine hits on every drag. This is only possible with salt nicotine. If you have any experience with vaping in the past, you would know that salt nicotine allows vapers to consume higher levels of nicotine without having to bother about harshness or irritations in the throat like you would get wit regular freebase nicotine. So if you are a transitioning smoker, you would enjoy the 5% salt nicotine present in the Melon Ice Flavbar V1.  


If you are looking for a top-quality device that you do not need to assemble, recharge, or maintain, you will love the Melon Ice Flavbar V1 disposable pod device. With the Melon Ice Flavbar, you get to remain simple with your vaping while enjoying high-quality salt nicotine throat hits and tasty flavor mixtures. With the Flavbar, you cannot go wrong.